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Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman got together with a revolutionary concept which could easily have been labeled as the most absurd and strange at one time. Who was to know that it would become so popular and gain such huge audiences, not only across the US but also all over the world.

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 The Blue Man Group has been successful for a long time now and their performances are unique and different from any other band in the world. They use custom made instruments created out of PVC pipes. They are dressed in latex from head to toe which is painted a bright blue, hence the name the Blue Man Group. They don't just play instruments but present themselves in a storyline that make them appear from a different world.

Although the real lineup has now taken up posts in administrating the Blue Man Group, the new staff now has 50 members and various performances are going on in different cities across the US. The group provides a range of entertainment which includes everything from short skits to musical performances as well as circus tricks. These acts have earned them a huge fan-base. The original cast appeared in many TV shows and awards and the new cast is following their footsteps. The group is coming to Kalamazoo and this is your chance to watch them live. So order you Blue Man Group Kalamazoo Tickets online right now and ensure your presence at their performance.

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