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Austin is the capital of the US state of Texas. It attracts hoards of visitors on annual basis due to the many attractions it offers to those who come here. This time around, Austin is hosting the much acclaimed group that we all love, the very famous Blue Man Group.  A super talented group who paints itself blue and entertains you beyond limits is all set to step inside the city of Austin. So are you ready for this marvelous show? Since the eighties, the Blue Man Group with their faces painted blue has been trotting the globe to entertain people. For some unseen before theatrical performances and breath taking concerts by a group of blue men, all you require is a ticket to their upcoming show. Snatch up your Blue Man Group Austin tickets from us now before they all get sold out!

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The magic of the Blue Man Group begins when they wrap themselves in Raven Black apparel and paint any exposed area blue, in order to create a visual and audio show like none other. With the help of lighting, food and paint and other props they create a variety of sounds and music, and make the show an unforgettable success. The innovative founders of this creative organization are Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, they all now work on administrative posts and do not participate in performances. For an unforgettable experience buy your Blue Man Group Austin tickets now!

The Blue Man Group started out as a band with a unique idea to entertain the people. Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman got together and formed a band where the playing members wore black latex suits with blue paint smudged on them. The suits included masks to make it appear as they had no ears or hair. The idea gained a lot of popularity as more and more audiences came to the theater to watch the trio not just playing music but entertaining crowds through their humorous acts.
The Blue Men come up with their own music compositions, created on self-made instruments. Their music has been so well received by the people in USA that they have performed on various shows and awards, including the Grammys. Initially the Blue Man Group gave autographs but later decided to stay in their role and not communicate with the audiences. When shown a camera they would gaze at it in awe and when asked for an autograph they would simply smudge blue paint. The original lineup no longer exists but the cast of the Blue Man Group has reached up to 50. The Blue Men are also involved in theatrical performances and as well as entertain the audiences with short skits. If you are looking for something different to watch, then the Blue Man Group is your best bet. They are coming soon to the Long Center in Austin Texas. So get your Blue Man Group Long Center Tickets and watch their unique performance live.

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