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3-Legged Tale is a philosophical story presented by Theater de l’Oeil Canada. Verbal stories have their own charm but nothing can beat the attraction and interest of the stories without words. It is one of those idealistic stories having poetic evidence on different phases of life. It shows the time that changes the people, the life which is considered as a constant renewal. The writer of this play gives a message to the entire world that life is like grass that comes out after the snow and grows again just like a field of flowers after the fire.

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About 3 Legged Tale

The play is set in the forest. It tells the story of a burglary squirrel that finds out a camera on a tripod stand in the woods. Meanwhile, a butterfly lands on the camera and it springs to life; interacting and exploring with the new world. The butterfly begins its journey into a telescopic and microscopic exploration of the worldly environment. The show features, an ailing old bear, colorful butterflies and a young Doe to represent the nature full of possibilities and wisdom.  In this wordless and imaginative window on passing of the seasons and nature, the Canadian puppeteers unveil a mysterious tale, for young audiences to observe. They can enjoy romantic fiction without words and the shadow play in the forest that reminds the most happening environmental issues of the forest. The rising of moon and ever-lasting cycle of seasons in the forests represent a wonderful picture which can be felt and lived.
3-Legged Tale is a piece of performing art which is presented beautifully by Richard Lacroix and Simon Boudreault. Simon Boudreault is an actor, author and stage director. After completing the professional theatre program, he established his theater company with the help of his colleagues. He also wrote various scripts for young and adult audiences. Recently, he participated in a show as an actor and director at Denise-Pelletier Theater. Since then, he performs in the shows which he has written. Boudreault is best known for parody and comedy. He is recognized as a multitalented person and people know him for his wonderful script which at Just for Laughs Festival 2000. He participated there as the writer and performer of the show. He successfully achieved his goal of entertaining the children and making them a dream.
The playwright along with the collaboration of whole team has made the ultimate success of the 3-Legged Tale. Richard Lacroix is one, who brought forward his artistic ideas and presented to the entire world. Lacroix is a famous set designer for the small screen and the stage. He has also designed numerous exhibitions in Quebec City. For his bright ideas and introducing new things regarding stage design and presentation, he has awarded the Mask award by the Québécoise du Theater Academy. He also won Chalmers Award for the most popular production, the Star Keeper. The other team members include Andre Laliberte who works as an Artistic Consultant, Michel FCote the sound designer and Gilles Perron the lighting designer.
The remarkable presentation of 3-Legged Tale could never have been possible without Theater de l’Oeil. Theater de l'Oeil is going to present this upcoming performance at Sangamon Auditorium this year. This theater was established by Andre Laliberte and Saint-Aubin. The main aim of the company is to present original ideas to the audiences. They focus on the spirit of innovation and research. By focusing on this objective, De l’Oeil Theater has able to promote the art of puppetry at its best. Passion and intelligence are the key facts of the company which enables the team members to improve the theatrical images which enriches the art of puppetry.
Theater de l'Oeil made a solid reputation in Canada and in other countries as well. The current artistic director of the company, Andre Laliberte has created various famous original productions. The Star Keeper/the Bearer were the huge success without any doubt. It was performed over 600 times in North America, Europe and Asia. This puppet show won numerous awards in the United States and Quebec Canada. Dear Fizzy and Corbeau are the other hits produced by the De l'Oeil Theater. For its contribution in the world of performing arts, the company has been honored with various awards. Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, Chalmers Canadian Play Award and Mask Award are some of their achievements which have made them to move forward on the path of success. If you want to enjoy this show then all you have to do is get your share of 3-Legged Tale tickets and set off for it. There are many cheap 3-Legged Tale tickets available in order to make it easier for fans to enjoy their favorite show.

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