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On of the oldest and grandest operas of all time, Werther is making its way over to give you another doze of this magnificent time transcending acts. The opera is one of the most historical and beautiful parts of theater folklore that has captivated fans for over a century and still doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. To be a part of the latest installment of this epic all you need to do is buy Werther tickets and watch history being re-created with your own eyes.

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About Washington National Opera Werther

The opera was created by the legendary French composer Jules Massenet and was inspired from the novel The Sorrows of Young Werther. Jules is regarded as one of the most amazing composers of all time. Born in 1842, he turned this form of arts on its head to give one classic after another. He first shot to prominence with Le Roi de Lahore in 1877 which was an attempt to showcase theater. As far as his musical compositions go his first success came in the form of Manon in the year 1884.  Jules was hailed as a composer whose music captured the true essence to romance that was in touch with the normal daily French lifestyle. What he composed became one of the major opera trends of the later part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th centuries thus cementing his reputation as one of the greatest of all time. Werther is one of his most successful compositions that he wrote in 1887. It was written to be showcased for the first time at the Opera Comique but unfortunately the theater was destroyed by a huge fire.
Due to that fire the act made its debut after five years on 16th February 1892 at the Imperial Theatre, Vienna. That premiere was done in German rather than French. The performance was met with huge applause from fans and critics alike which played a great part in it being released in French. It made its French debut at Geneva on 27th December, 1892 and then returned home to France to make its debut in the country at the Opera-Comique on 16th January, 1893. Werther then made its way over to the U.S. and made its debut there on 29th March, 1894 at the Metropolitan Opera, Chicago to massive acclaim. The US premiere and success led to the opera being shown for the first time in England at the Covent Garden, London on 11th June, 1894.
Werther is the central character of the opera and his love story. The entire plot is based in the German city of Wetzlar. The city’s Bailiff is invited to a ball in the city and he asks his acquaintance, Werther, to take his eldest daughter Charlotte to the evening’s function. Mesmerized by her charm and beauty he falls in love with Charlotte who is engaged to Albert. On the way back Werther tells her about his feelings but she tells him that she is engaged. In the meanwhile Albert, who wasn’t in the city makes a surprise return and goes to the Bailiffs house to meet Charlotte. Three months after Charlotte and Albert get married, Werther makes his return and comes face to face with the love of his life and from there onwards the entire plot takes a path full of twists an turns to reach an end that will simply astound everyone.
Werther is one of Jules greatest masterpiece. It is an epic that even after premiering more than a century ago still captures the hearts and minds of millions around the world. Created and re-created multiple times over the course of its history, this epic has still not lost any of the facets that made it such a huge hit all those years ago. Everyone who has watched it has been left stunned by everything it has to offer, so now that it is coming to theaters again buy your Werther tickets and watch one of the true great operas of history take you through a ride full of emotions.
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