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Show Boat is coming to Washington to entertain theatre lovers and take them on a ride through medieval times. If you are a fan of old theatrical plays then don’t miss this chance and get your Show Boat Washington tickets as soon as possible. The play is based on “Show Boat”, Edna Ferber’s bestselling novel and is a classic tale of racial prejudice and lasting love. The music is by Jerome Kern and the lyrics are penned by Oscar Hammerstein. The arrival of Show Boat was considered a revolutionary breakthrough in the existing scenario of theatre musicals. It was a step away from the traditional light minded comic musicals and blended in serious themes. It was a breakthrough in the sense that it brought forward the issue of racism which was a very sensitive issue in the 20s. The play brought forward performances of both African Americans and white actors on stage together for the first time ever. The idea of an interracial marriage was something unthinkable and The Show Boat was able to depict this issue with remarkable class and brilliance.

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The issue of racism is relevant even today and this is why audiences continue to relish this brilliant show. If you want to be one of them then purchase your Show Boat Washington tickets right away. Controversy has surrounded the show for a long time as it used the word “nigger” in the lyrics; however, the purpose behind was to involve the audience and make them feel the brunt of racial prejudice prevalent in society. The work speaks against racial prejudice contrary to the widely held belief that it promotes racial stereotypes.
Although the basic theme of Show Boat the musical remains the same, over the years various productions have made some of their own alterations. In some cases new scenes have been added, in others revised, while there are certain acts that have been removed altogether. The current production will give you a chance to see Gaylord and Magnolia reunite on stage after a long time. Magnolia the protagonist is the gullible daughter of a man who owns a show boat. She falls in love with Gaylord who is a riverboat gambler and they end up getting married. The story that follows later is an apt reflection of racial tensions and marital anguish that was representative of not only the society of that time but of today as well. Therefore since 1927, Show Boat continues to attract theatre and musical lovers in throngs. The evergreen themes coupled with brilliant acting and melodic symphonies make this musical a treat for any art lover. Since its premiere Show Boat has won numerous awards in various categories. It has been named ‘Best Revival of a Play’ several times, along with a win as the ‘Best Musical’. Individual awards have also been won by the play; it has been awarded in the category of ‘Best Actor Male’ and ‘Best Female Lead’. Other notable wins include ‘Best Orchestration’, ‘Best Stage Design’, ‘Best Choreography’, ‘Best Music’ and ‘Best Costumes’.
Show Boat has been popular in London as well and has later made its way to film and television as well. It was enacted on the radio as well; however, was made subject to censorship a few times. The brilliant music direction coupled with the strong storyline make this show worth a watch. It is a must for all theatre lovers of Washington to therefore buy cheap Show Boat Washington tickets. The musical will entertain and enlighten you, so don’t miss it.