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When asked about their favorite opera, The Marriage of Figaro is the name you’d hear from many opera lovers. Get Virginia Opera The Marriage of Figaro tickets to see this highly talked about opera that appeals to music lovers with a taste for extraordinary ensembles and melodies and also to intellectual listeners. Even if you are not a Mozart fan, this opera is sure to keep you entertained for three and a half hours with its witty jokes and classical comedy. Opera in itself is a very powerful form of art and has a great emotional impact on its viewers with its synthesis of orchestral and vocal music, drama, dance and design. It has the ability to cross all cultural and linguistic barriers and has had a growing audience since its inception in 1597.

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With its first performance on May 1, 1786, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera, The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro), has won the hearts of thousands. It is based on Pierre Beaumarchais’ stage comedy, La folle journee, ou le Mariage de Figaro and was written by Mozart in four acts. Even though Beaumarchais’ Marriage of Figaro was banned because of vulgarity, Mozart got official approval for his opera through his librettist. All political references were removed from the play’s censored version and it went on to achieve huge success. Mozart himself acknowledged the fame of his work in the words, “Here they talk about nothing but Figaro. Nothing is played, sung or whistled but Figaro. Certainly a great honor for me.” It is said that he went through hundred plays before making his decision to adapt this comedy by Beaumarchais. According to De Ponte, Mozart transformed the words into music as quickly as he wrote them down. The opera had been composed within a short time period of six weeks. The original 1786 cast included Stefano Mandini (bass) (Count Almaviva), Luisa Laschi (soprano) (Countess Rosina Almaviva), Nancy Storace (soprano) (Susanna, the countess’ maid) and Francesco Benucci (bass) (Figaro, the personal valet to the Count). Additional performers include Dorotea Bussani (soprano) (Cherubino, the Count’s page), Maria Mandini (soprano) (Marcellina, Doctor Bartolo’s housekeeper), Francesco Bussani (bass) (Bartolo, doctor from Seville and a practicing lawyer), Michael Kelly (tenor) (Basilio, music master) (Don Curzio, judge), Anna Gottlieb (soprano) (Barbarina, Antonio’s daughter) and Francesco Bussani (bass) (Antonio, Susanna’s uncle, the Count’s gardener). Mozart was the initial conductor for this production.
The Marriage of Figaro is designed to captivate its audience’s attention by conveying an important message through its subtle focus on human imperfections. The selfish instinct and desires that all the actors seem bound to follow are just the surface of a play that is a psychological and political dramatization of an aristocratic hierarchy. This story combined with magnificent orchestration used for the characters’ personification is a complete package in all respect of bringing together high quality drama and music. The story is set in Count Almaviva’s palace near Spain. The plot revolves around Figaro’s forthcoming marriage to Susanna, the maid. The problem begins when the Count is allowed to stay with Susanna on the wedding night based on the seigneur’s tradition of letting the employer do so. However, the Count already has a wife and this tradition worries the Countess who thinks she is no longer charming. The Count’s page, Cherubino, is interested in her though. This starts a twist and turn of fate for all the involved couples that somehow lead to a happy ending for everyone. Michael Grandage with Ian Rutherford as the revival director has directed the 2012 production of this fantastic opera. With Conductor Jonathan Cohen as the conductor, Designer Christopher Oram, Lighting Designer Paule Constable, Movement Director Ben Wright and Revival Movement Director Kieran Sheehan, The Marriage of Figaro is a perfect opera you definitely should not miss. The cast’s velvet jackets, men’s moustaches, long hair and Elizabethan style women's dresses all add charm to the play. Get yourself cheap Virginia Opera The Marriage of Figaro tickets and see how art is truly defined in Mozart’s brilliant masterpiece that has been entertaining generations of opera fans.

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