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Virginia Opera: A Streetcar Named Desire is an award winning Tennessee Williams play that premiered on Broadway in 1947 and has been composed by Andre Previn.  The main characters of the play include Blanche, her sister Stella, Stella’s brutal husband Stanley and the friend, Mitchell. The starring cast of the 2013 production includes Kelly Cae Hogan as Blanche DuBois opposite David Adam Moore as Stanley Kowalski.  The role of Stella Kowalski is played by Julia Ebner while Harold Mitchell is played by Scott Ramsay. The brilliant masterpiece blends the oppressive storyline with a wonderful score that has appealed to opera lovers and those less inclined to operas alike.

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About Virginia Opera A Streetcar Named Desire

Virginia Opera is well respected nationwide because it presents top notch talented actors and performers in its operatic productions. Under the leadership of the Artistic Director Emeritus Peter Mark, the company is known for conducting good quality education and outreach programs to enrich the cultural communities through the power and passion of opera. Reaching nearly thirty eight years of operation, the company has delivered approximately forty main stage performances until now.  The opera is known for delivering a diverse array of programs with enchanting artistry to recreate the operatic experience. The overtly expressive and gripping performance of the actors in the Virginia Opera: A Streetcar Named Desire play will keep all your senses engaged throughout the play.

Virginia Opera: A Streetcar Named Desire is the first opera and one of the only two that has been composed by Andre Previn. He left Germany in 1938 along with his family and moved to Los Angeles where he began his musical career as a jazz pianist.  In 1968, he began to work as a composer at the Houston Symphony Orchestra and has spent several decades leading several major symphonies since then.  His work includes composing orchestral pieces, songs and film scores.  The composer, conductor and pianist, Previn is a recipient of several Grammys for his outstanding musical recordings including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award from The Recording Academy. Besides that, he has also garnered Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Kennedy Center, Gramophone Classic FM and the London Symphony Orchestra.

In 1998, the play made its debut in San Francisco. After watching the play, the general director of the San Francisco Opera found great operatic capabilities in the storyline. He had talked to several composers to consider the score before he approached Previn. Previn immediately got interested to work on this opera and soon paired with librettist, Lotfi Mansouri and Philip Littell to work on musical lines. The play now consists of musical references from the general hum of the blues to specific songs.  The creation has a little bit of jazzy hint in it partly due to the story setting and mainly due to the rich jazz background of the composer. Cheap Virginia Opera: A Streetcar Named Desire tickets are now available for all opera lovers to watch the show live.

The short journey of the Virginia Opera: A Streetcar Named Desire play enables the audience to capture the highlights of the play such as Blanche’s desires colliding with the pain and loss and ending in something that can be thought of as the harsh reality of death. The composer makes sure to remain glued to the real curve of the story. Blanche comes to live with her sister and brother-in-law in New Orleans during 1940s where harsh realities of her life are unveiled which leads to domestic violence, humiliation and disgrace. The lighting, costumes, make-up, acting and stage setting are all perfect to make up for a good play. If you want to dig deep into the nitty-gritty of the play, you can easily do so by getting your hands on Virginia Opera: A Streetcar Named Desire tickets.

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