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The city of Florence in Italy has been considered the epitome of the arts and high social life, what with it being the bedrock of the famous Renaissance movement that redefined European culture from the 14th century onward. The Amazonian region of South American has spawned many a legend including the one of a namesake matriarchal tribe of women that used their uncanny robust bodies and keen hunting skills to flip the commonly perceived masculine superiority on its head. The mighty Amazon River running through dense tropical jungles has given rise to a diverse and complex ecosystem that teems with millions of species of plant and animal life. Where in the real world, the untamed beauty of the Amazon and the ordered aestheticism of Florence are separated by the Atlantic, the opera Florencia en el Amazonas seeks to create a marriage between the two in the realm of magical realism. Based on the libretto composed by Marcela Fuentes-Berain, the opera has been performed on a regular basis since its premier in 1996. Get some Utah Opera Florencia en el Amazonas tickets to chart the territory of your unexplored psyche.

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The opera, spread over two acts, explores the sentiments of the protagonist Florencia Grimaldi who is returning from her operatic adventure into the heart of Europe back to her homeland of the Amazon Jungle. She gears up to deliver a performance that she hopes will lure her lover, who goes by the name of Cristobal and is a butterfly hunter. As she suspects that he has lost his way in the jungle, she makes her way down the famous river on a steamboat called El Dorado all the while serenading the passenger on board. However, when she is not singing, she keeps to herself, lost in the thoughts of reuniting with her lover. It is in this setting that the conjunction of magical realism first comes about between the stark world and the musical river realm, transpiring in a storm brought upon by the river gods. Act II opens with the passenger trying to recover from the ravages of the storm, with Florencia trying to come to grips with her own state of existence whilst also sensing Cristobal's presence close by. The boat's other passengers, namely Rosalba the journalist, Paula and Alvaro the constantly feuding couple, Riolobo who is the ship's mate and also the link with the magical world try to make sense of their bearings and of love lost and found and budding anew. Though the boat eventually arrives at its destination of Manus, the party aboard is quarantined on account of a cholera outbreak. However Florencia frees herself from her illusionary reality by transforming into a butterfly and flits away to seek out her lover.
The opera was initially commissioned in 1996 jointly by the Los Angeles Opera, the Seattle Opera and the Houston Grand Opera. It was unique in the sense that it was the first opera to be entirely in Spanish that had been commissioned by prominent opera houses in the US. First brought to the stage by Houston Opera, it was successively performed by the other two commissioning entities in the following years and had its world premiere in 2003 courtesy the Madison Symphony Opera. The Utah Opera Florencia en el Amazonas event will be the fourteenth reincarnation of this operatic jungle adventure.
Though the Utah Opera arose in 1978, it traces its legacy to the last decade of the 19th century when the Salt Lake Symphony was created. However, the modern predecessor of Utah Opera was the Utah Symphony that was established in 1940. With its opening act as La Bohème by Pucinni, the Utah Opera flourished under the leadership of the late Glade Peterson and expanded its presence beyond the regular spate of operatic outpourings to lectures, symposiums and educational ventures. Your cheap Utah Opera Florencia en el Amazonas tickets will transport you into an operatic overture as presented by the opera company and its resident symphony.  
2002 saw the merger of the Utah Opera and the veteran Utah Symphony, whereby bringing about a confluence of a plethora of seasoned musicians and technical staff with trained vocalists. So claim some Utah Opera Florencia en el Amazonas tickets to burrow through the operatic undergrowth and delight your senses with an exotic find.

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