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Tosca the name says it all undoubtedly, an opera that can be termed as simply superb. Tosca has been ruling the hearts of opera fans for more than a century and its popularity graph has never gone down. A melodramatic masterpiece created by Giacomo Puccini Tosca is something that cannot be missed at any cost. A clear proof of Tosca’s popularity is that opera singers have given memorable performances after getting inspired from it.  Hurry up and get your cheap Tosca Tickets only from us as we give you value for your money!

About Tosca Tickets

Tosca is a three act opera that is considered as one of the magnum opus works of Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. He primarily draw the idea for it from a famous French melodrama play called La Tosca, that was created by a genius French playwright Victorian Sardou’s in the year 1887. While a tour of La Tosca was performing in Italy in 1889, Puccini had the idea of converting it into an opera so he got the rights of doing the same in 1895. It took him almost four years to fulfill this laborious task and while working on it he had long arguments with publisher as well as the librettists because he did not want to compromise on the musical quality of the opera. Tosca is an intricate blend of certain unique musical elements, recitative, arias and along with that it is a thorough-compositional effort that is a class in its own.
Tosca opened its doors for opera fans for the first time in January 1900 in Rome, Italy at the very famous Teatro Costanzi. The time at which Tosca premiered was a time of unrest in Rome and this resulted in a one day delay in the premier. The critics considered it as facile but Tosca was an instant hit with the audience and won accolades. Set in the month of June in 1800 , this opera musically depicts the time when Rome and the Kingdom of Naples was facing a threat from invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s a heart touching story about, suicide, despair, massacre and torment. Despite this it still contains some of the best lyrical works of Puccini.
Some critics gave very positive reviews about Tosca, The Musical Times appreciated it for its strength of utterance and sincerity. Renowned musicologist Joseph Kerman termed it as a "shabby little shocker". Julian Burden described it as "a triumph of pure theater". Tosca remains extremely popular till date in North America and a couple of year’s back it was considered as the second-most performed opera in history. Puccini’s other work La boheme remains at #1 when it comes to most-performed orchestras.
 Opera lovers your wait is finally over now and you have a reason to smile as you will be getting the chance to watch this memorable masterpiece of Puccini. We strongly urge you to ensure your presence at the opera house in your very own city by getting Tosca Tickets only from us as we have the best deals for you. We assure you that your experience will be nothing less than perfect!

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