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Torontonians, the true lovers of ballet amongst you are in for a real treat! One of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed ballets of all times, Tosca now comes to your town! Some critics have also labeled it as Giacomo Puccini’s best work of all times. In addition, to being a beautifully choreographed ballet, it is also a window into 19th century Roman society and its political upheavals. So, in short, by being in the audience you would not only be entertained but also educated! Tosca Toronto therefore becomes a must watch ballet for Torontonians!

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The ballet is actually based on La Tosca, which is a 19th century drama by famous French dramatist, Victorien Sardou. The drama however is not on French society but the Roman society, as mentioned earlier. This melodramatic piece, which involves suicide, murder and torture, when composed into a ballet by Puccini, an Italian, had the critics raving from the very beginning. It was premiered in Rome in 1900 and was reviewed as the best piece of performing art. A thoroughly composed ballet with choruses, recitative, and arias, along with other musical elements all woven into one, it was bound to become a great ballet! Tosca Toronto promises to be an exhilarating show!
The best part is (there are many) that cheap Tosca Toronto tickets are still available! The first-class show does not come with a first-class price tag! So make the best out of it and enjoy your favorite by buying Tosca Toronto tickets now!

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