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The Makropulos Case is an opera production which is in three acts. There are many names given to this fantastic opera such as The Makropulos Secret, The Makropulos Affair and The Makropulos Thing. This is a Czech opera by the famous composer by the name of Leos Janacek. The libretto of the opera has been based on a theatrical production which is of the same title and has been directed by Karel Capek. The opera was writer by Leos Janacek from the years of 1923 till 1925. 

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About The Makropulos Case

The Makropulos Case opera was one of the last master works of the composer Leos Janacek. This opera has been said to have been great inspired by his obsession with a married lady who was far younger than him and was named Kamila Stosslova. On the 18th of December in the year of 1926, this magnificent opera was given a world premiere which was held has the famous National Theatre which is in Brno. The world premiere of this opera was successfully conducted by the known conductor by the name of Frantisek Neumann. 
Leos Janacek wrote The Makropulos Case opera from 1923 till 1925. The theatrical version of this opera was seen by him on the 12th of December in the year of 1922 in Prague. When he saw the theatrical version of the opera, inspiration dawned on his almost immediately for creating it as an opera production. Leos Janacek corresponded with the director of the theatrical version by the name of Karel Capek, who agreed upon his idea of creating the theatrical production into an opera production. However, some issues with the legality as well as securing the rights from the theatrical version took some time and eventually delayed the production of the opera. Leos Janacek authored the libretto of this opera himself. By the December of the year of 1924 he had successfully completed the very first draft of this opera. He later spent another entire year in refining and editing the opera to make it into the master piece that it is today. He finally completed the opera on the 3rd of December in the year of 1925.
Over the years The Makropulos Case has become one the most popular opera productions. The opera has effectively gained an immense fan following and the proof of that would be that all of the shows of this absolutely out of this world entertaining event has almost had all of it shows as a complete sellout. Moreover, the finesse and pure entertainment factor of this opera production which has been showcased across the globe is rendered to be in the list as one of the best opera shows that have been conducted. The sheer brilliance of the opera is simply beautiful in all of its glory. The opera production has also received many acclaimed critical reviews from across the world.
The Makropulos Case opera production is truly one of those amazing and dazzling entertaining events that will captivate you and heighten your sense of unbelievable artistic projection of a theatrical production which has been effectively converted into an opera production. Just like the theatrical production, the opera production of this incredible libretto is brilliant and mesmerizing.
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