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The San Francisco Opera is bringing the premiere of “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” opera to the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. The opera is all set for the stage and the fans are eagerly waiting for its opening. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene tickets are now available at cheap rates and are selling out fast. San Francisco Opera is a prestigious company. Founded in 1923, the opera has made great contributions to the world of theater. San Francisco Opera has the honor of commissioning several great productions which have gathered a lot of fame through their time on stage. These productions include The Dangerous Liaisons, Harvey Milk, A Streetcar Named Desire, Dead Man Walking and The Death of Klinghoffer. “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” is the newest project undertaken by the San Francisco Opera to be commissioned.

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About The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene

The controversial opera “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” has been the topic of debate ever since the San Francisco Opera announced its intention to produce it. . Nevertheless, despite all the controversies, opera has the support of all those who appreciate art.  An added attraction to the show is the availability of cheap The Gospel of Mary Magdalene tickets. So go ahead and buy your ticket to the opera. ‘Mary Magdalene’ is a questionable character in history. Some accuse her of being a harlot, who used her wicked charms and wiles to seduce innocent men. She has been charged with having illicit relations with Jesus of Nazareth. The truth of these claims has never been determined and as a result, Mary Magdalene’s character gains greater fame and attention due to her mystique. There are some people who dismiss the role of Mary Magdalene, regarding it as unimportant  in Christian and Jewish history. They do not believe that the women held much power archaically. For them the existence of Mary Magdalene and her character is a negligible topic. However, the recent discovery of ancient documents which do point at her actual existence during the lifetime of Jesus of Nazareth, have raised questions from the critics.

The San Francisco Opera gave the composition duties of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene opera to the well known composer Mark Adamo. He is renowned for his production of “Little Women”. The man has talent that brings perfection to any project he works on. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene opera is bound to be a brilliant production given the amazing artist who has worked on it. David Gockley, the general director of the San Francisco Opera, worked relentlessly on the production, along with Mark Adamo, to bring excellence to the opera. The team of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene opera spent years researching on their protagonist. Through their research they claim to have come up with a mystical image of Mary Magdalene. The opera promises to represent the hitherto doubtful character in a clear light. The creative team of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene opera is aiming to bring the misinterpreted woman in a different light for the audience.
David Gockley, Mark Adamo and their team admitted that their other works were affected when they started working on The Gospel of Mary Magdalene opera. They wanted to avoid raising any controversies about their depiction of history, but at the same time they wanted the audience to be engrossed in one of the most notorious topics in history. The team wanted its audience to know the story of Mary Magdalene and the problems she faced. The character of Mary Magdalene will be performed by the extremely talented new comer, Sasha Cooke. She will play opposite the incredible Nathan Gunn, who will take the role of Yeshua (Jesus). The dedication of the team of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene opera and the story of the enigmatic Mary Magdalene are enough to convince anyone to buy The Gospel of Mary Magdalene tickets. Art lovers must not to waste this wonderful opportunity.

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