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Located a few minutes away from downtown Santa Fe is one of the cultural jewels of New Mexico. The Santa Fe Opera (SFO) was founded by John Crosby, an ambitious young conductor from New York. His aim was for the SFO to provide American singers with the chance to learn and perform new roles. As a result, the Apprentice Program for singers was initiated and the company has also established programs for technicians and art directors. This season the SFO is showcasing “The Daughter of the Regiment”, “Rigoletto”, “LaFintaGiardiniera”, “Salome” and “Cold Mountain”. Last year the demand for tickets escalated quickly when “Cold Mountain” was announced as part of the lineup for Santa Fe’s 2015 summer festival. Enjoy drama, music and theater by purchasing Santa Fe Opera tickets!

About Santa Fe Opera

As one of the leading opera houses in the United States, SFO’s singers, conductors, technicians and designers are carefully handpicked from all over the world. This ensures performances of the highest quality. Santa Fe has joined the ranks of America’s most reputable opera houses – the Opera Theater in Saint Louis, Missouri and the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, New York.

A couple of years ago Santa Fe decided to showcase “Oscar” – an opera based on Oscar Wilde’s life. People were interested to see the company’s take on the famous author and tickets to the show sold out in no time. Therefore people interested in this season’s shows should purchase Santa Fe Opera tickets well in advance.

Current shows:

“The Daughter of the Regiment” revolves around Marie’s story; she was found as an infant on the battlefield and raised by soldiers. These soldiers assume the role of her family but peace is disturbed when Marie’s wealthy relatives take her far away from the regiment. As a result Tonio (Marie’s boyfriend) joins forces with her soldier friends in an attempt to rescue her. This show will mark conductor Speranza Scappucci’s company debut. “Rigoletto”takes a step back from the humorous theatrics of “The Daughter of the Regiment” and focuses on political scandal. It is based on Victor Hugo’s play Le rois’amuse.

The SFO is also known for its flawless adaptations of Richard Strauss’ work which is why we see the return of “Salome”. It is set in Paris before the outbreak of World War One. The story is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s observations regarding French decadence and materialism. “Salome” promises to present a riveting portrayal of French society. On a lighter note, “La Finta Giardiniera” is a comic opera by Mozart and revolves around the tale of two lovers.

This year’s most anticipated show, however, is “Cold Mountain”. This opera is based on the novel by Charles Frazier. It follows the character of W. P. Inman as he deserts the Confederate Army and flees the hospital to reunite with his beloved. The gripping story is an American classic and surely a show you don’t want to miss out on.

The Santa Fe Opera has always been highly praised for the works it has commissioned. Moreover, critics’ reviews have applauded the SFO’s boldness to showcase unique performances. According to sources there was a full house the night “Oscar” opened.

Santa Fe Opera House

The architecture of the opera house adds to the grandeur and charm associated with the place. The main stage is protected by a roof however the sides of the house are exposed to the elements. Santa Fe’s distinct design has enabled directors to use sunsets as backdrops for their performances.

Watching opera performances at the Santa Fe opera house has always been a delight. It is often called a “destination festival” because of its location and high quality performances. This year’s lineup is certainly one to look forward to. The performances encompass themes related to love and deceit. To watch some of the world’s best singers and conductors come together under one roof and deliver enthralling performances, get your Santa Fe Opera tickets now.