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If you are a huge fan of opera and want to watch a great one then get your hands on Rigoletto Milano tickets. It is an experience that will leave you spell bound. Rigoletto is an opera of three acts by Giuseppe Verdi, scripted by Francesco Maria. The opera based on Victor Hugo’s play called Le roi s'amuse was performed for the first time at La Fenice in March 1851, in Venice.

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In spite of some serious initial issues with the censors of Austria who were controlling Italian theatres in the North, the opera was a great success and had a triumphant premiere. The plot of the opera is a tragic story that revolves around Duke of Mantua; Rigoletto was a court jester with a hunch back, and his pretty daughter Gilda. The title of the play La maledizione means the curse and in the opera the curse is placed on Rigoletto and the Duke by the courtier. The curse ends when Gilda falls for the Duke and sacrifices herself for the sake of saving him from the murderers employed by her own father.
The opera was a huge success and sold out when first premiered. It originally had thirteen performances, was revived in Venice in 1854. Now retaining the story of this amazing opera with a new cast, the production is touring your city. Get cheap Rigoletto Milano tickets now.