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If you have a taste for opera, then you will be most excited to learn about the upcoming Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio show, that is coming your way. Be sure to get your invites for the event, by buying cheap Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio tickets, without any further delay. The Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio is one of the oldest opera works that is considered to be a classic. Written by the legendary Giuseppe Verdi, this piece of opera is a two act composition that was written over a time period of four years. Its author, who was born back in the year 1813, is a world famous Italian opera composer. Most of his operas revolved around the theme of romance and some of his most popular compositions include “Va, pensiero” in his opera Nabucco, “La donna e mobile” from his opera Rigoletto, ‘Grand March” that he composed for Aida and “Libiamo ne lieti calici” that was heard in La traviata.

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About Oberto conte di San Bonifacio

The very time first time, Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio was performed was in the year 1839 at the Teatro alla Scala situated in Milan. This opera was able to gain massive success after its debut show and the owner of the theatre; Bartolomeo Merelli was seen using more works by the composer, in later years. After Milan, this theatrical piece made its’ Europe premiere in the year 1965 where it was held at the St. Pancras Town Hall. However, it was until the year 1982 that the opera was presented through a staged production. After being staged, several premiers throughout America also took place as Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio was seen playing at the Amato Theatre in 1978 in New York. After this the San Diego Opera took over the performances and have been staging regular ones ever since 1985. This year, La Scala brings to audiences a reincarnation Verdi’s work, so what are you waiting for? Get Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio tickets.
The opera consists of five main characters namely; Oberto who is the Count of the city San Bonifacio, his daughter Leonora, Cuzina who is Ezzelino da Romano’s sister, Imelda who is Cuzina’s confident and Riccardo the Count of Salinguerra. The very first performance of the opera that took place back in the year 1839 consisted of professionals such as Ignazio Marini who played the lead role of Oberto, Antonietta Marini-Rainieri, Mary Shaw, Marietta Sacchi and Lorenzo Salvi, who were seen performing the roles of Leonora, Cuzina, Imelda and Riccardo, respectively.
The story of the opera is set in the 11th century in Northern Italy, where a battle just took place between San Boniface and Salinguerra, whose armies were led by Oberto and Ezzelino da Romano. Losing the battle Oberto retreats to Mantua but his daughter, Leonora is left behind where she is seduced and abandoned by the Count of Salinguerra, Riccardo. After the battle, Leonora finds out that Riccardo is soon to wed Cuzina, who is Ezzelino’s sister. The story then brings forward the struggle of Leonora as she makes her way to Bassano where Riccardo and Cuzina’s wedding is scheduled to take place, hoping to confront him of his spiteful deeds.
The very first act will present three scenes, in which first Riccardo is seen entering Ezzelino’s castle where he expresses his love for Cuzina. Riccardo sings the ballad “Here I am Amongst You”. The next scene then takes audiences to Oberto’s castle where he seems worried as he cannot find Leonora. Moments later Leonora is seen entering the palace and together they swear to avenge Riccardo. They then make their way to the wedding where Leonora is questioned by Cuzina and Imelda. Leonora explains Riccardo’s betrayal and the two agree to help Oberto and Leonora. Cuzina then hides the two in a room where Riccardo enters. Furious, Cuzina accuses him of infidelity when Oberto jumps out and challenges Riccardo to a duel. If you are curious about finding out who wins the duel and what happens to Leonora, Cuzina and Riccardo, you should consider making your way to the next showcase of this opera. Remember to buy Oberto Conte Di San Bonifacio tickets today.

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