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Turandot is a three act opera by the famous composer, Giacomo Puccini. Puccini died before finishing this masterpiece that was to captivate opera audiences for many generations to come. Turandot is thus his last piece as a composer. The opera title is a word of Persian origin. It means ‘the daughter of Turan’, a region that was once part of the Persian Empire. It is called Turandokht in Persian. The story of the fairytale has been picked from an assortment of Persian narratives called The Book of One Thousand and One Days. Over the years, it has been adapted and presented in different parts of the world. Turandot tickets will give you a chance to watch this opera by a new director, presented in a new light.

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During the early 20th century, Giacomo Puccini expressed his desire to compose a fairytale. It was at this point that his librettist Giuseppe Adami introduced him with writer Renato Simoni, who in fact had carried out a research on the work by playwright Carlo Gozzi. Simoni presented him with the fairytale Turandot by Gozzi. Hence, the trio comprising Puccini, Adami and Puccini set off to create one of the most popular operas of the 20th century.
The story of Turandot is about a Prince Calàf who falls for the princess Turandot. Turandot has set a condition for the man whom she would marry. This condition requires the suitor to solve three riddles set forth by the cold princess. False answers would result in the suitor’s death while correct ones would grant him the princess’s hand in marriage. Calàf also tries his luck and unlike many others, pulls through all the three riddles with correct answers. Not many know the secret that Calàf is also the former prince of Persia. This secret is kept under wraps by his faithful servant Liu, who also happens to be in love with the prince. Even after solving the three riddles, the princess refuses to marry Calàf. Calàf offers a solution to the situation by posing a question to the princess and offering to give his life should she be unable to guess his actual name.
When the play reached the point of the death scene of Liu, it unfortunately was also meant to be the end of the life of Italy’s most loved composer of the time. He was unable to take his story further from the point of Liu’s death and a beautiful writing piece was left without an end. It was here that the producer Arturo Toscanini had to take the crucial decision about handing over this memorable composition to Franco Alfano, who then completed the story. However when the opera was enacted on stage for the first time at La Scala in Milan in 1926, it ended with the chorus of Liu’s funeral, the point where Puccini laid down his pen. At this moment, Toscanini turned towards the viewers present inside the theatre to announce that the opera had in fact come to an end since the legendary Puccini died before he could present with an ending. This created an air of nostalgia and sadness amongst the audience who have said to have shed tears at the loss of one of the most cherished opera composers of the day.  Later, when the show was handed over to the next producer, it was showcased with the ending that was provided by Alfano. The version with the ending by Alfano was met with huge success. Since then, the play continues to be adapted and performed by different productions around the world.
Cheap Turandot tickets are available for the one of the most treasured pieces of art in the world of opera. One of its major highlights is the full orchestra and lush music scores that capitalize and enhance each beautiful moment during the course of the play. The lighting effects set the mood and tone for every sequence specially that of the moonrise and the sunrise.  Besides, the costumes of the characters particularly those by the princess are a magnificent sight to watch. The characters of court officials namely Pink, Pang and Pong provide for the humor element of the play thus balancing out the rather serious tone of the opera. These characters are testament to the fact that besides being the master of melodrama, Puccini was hands on with comic descriptions and characterizations as well. Turandot tickets are your chance to be part of celebration of the legacy of one of the greatest opera composers of all time.

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