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After the huge success of the play and the film, Doubt came out as opera by the librettist John Patrick Shanley. A big hit on Broadway, the opera is making its world premiere in February 2013 among the high anticipation of opera lovers all over the city. As Minnesota Opera Doubt tickets sell out in advance, Minnesota Opera prepares for the grand opening for its 50th anniversary. The story of Sister Aloysius and her crusade of ruining Father Flynn is set in a theme of a rigidly conservative nun and a charismatic priest with a focused dialectic. Production of the Minnesota Opera New Works Initiative, the opera is expected to be as much successful in Minnesota as it was Broadway. 

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About Minnesota Opera Doubt

Set in Bronx of 1964, Minnesota Opera Doubt is an enthralling opera experience which is bound to break records. The battle of wills at a Catholic school between a traditional Sister Aloysius and a charming Father Flynn is a moving tale which will leave the audience with questions to ponder even after the curtains are drawn. The main theme revolves around Sister’s Aloysius doubt that Father Flynn is abusing a child who is the only black student in the school.  
Main characters of Minnesota Opera Doubt are Father Flynn, Sister Aloysius, Sister James and Mrs. Miller. The opera has nine scenes in total which take place in St. Nicholas Church, in a room of the school related to the church, in the school courtyard, in church’s courtyard and in principal’s office. The characters are presented through baritone, soprano and Mezzo-soprano. Music composed by Douglas J. Cuomo immerse the senses of audience completely until they consider themselves a part of the late 1960s Bronx. Shanely regards Cuomo as the perfect choice for the compositions. Rehearsals for the opera take place in Minneapolis warehouse district where the artists are given an intimate space to work through their parts of the play.  
Minnesota Opera is one of the most exciting opera companies in the country whose journey of presenting unprecedented innovation and world class quality programs began in 1963 when it was called Center Opera. It remained an alternative opera company through 1970s before merging with St. Paul Opera. Towards 1980s, the company’s focus had shifted to more of a traditional repertoire. In the next two decades, Minnesota Opera grew to earning a reputation of industry-leader, articulated its artistic vision on bringing the high-quality productions from all over and initiated its extensive educational programs. The present century is a witness to this opera house’s extraordinary stability and performance. 15th biggest opera company in the country, it is proud to be a patron of artistic talents and a model which believes in innovation, top-notch artistic qualities and a strong sense of community service. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the opera company which they are celebrating through Minnesota Opera Doubt, a magnificent production for a glorious occasion. 
People are also getting cheap Minnesota Opera Doubt tickets as anyone who knows either John Patrick Shanley or who has seen the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning play wouldn’t want to miss it. Apart from the play, Shanley also wrote a film adaption of the same that has Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep as the stars. Shanley possess unusual talents of writing. There are only a few playwrights who can write a screen adaption of the play let alone a libretto. The man believes in gaining as much learning experience he can and so he took every project up as a challenge.
The role that faith plays in a society is always worth an examination and observation. One of the unique aspects of Minnesota Opera Doubt is that it takes up a tantalizing issue, leaving some of the issues unresolved at the end. According to Shanley, the animated discussions which occur in theater lobbies are the whole point of his efforts. He has left bits and pieces for audience to decide the conclusion themselves.  

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