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The Un Ballo in Maschera is a three act opera that is presented currently by the Metropolitan Opera company located in the City of New York. It performs its shows at the Metropolitan Opera House; a facility that is situated at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The opera is a non-profit organization that was established in the nineteenth century in order to promote culture and performing arts in the region. Over the years, this opera center has grown to become the largest non-profit arena in the entire region of North America, presenting approximately twenty seven classic operas round the year. The Metropolitan Opera also constitutes of a ballet company, an enormous symphony orchestra, children’s choir, chorus and few of the leading solo singers of the locale. One of the most popular operas presented by The Met is the Un Ballo in Maschera performance that translates into “A Masked Ball”. If you are interested in attending this magnificent production, you can do so by making your way to the Metropolitan Opera Un Ballo in Maschera show.  So be sure to purchase cheap Metropolitan Opera Un Ballo in Maschera tickets, without any further delay.

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About Metropolitan Opera Un Ballo in Maschera

The opera is an adaptation of a play named “Gustave III” that came about in the year 1833. This play was originally written by playwright Eugene Scribe and revolves around the assassination of King Gustave III of Sweden in 1792. Though the main story of the play has been based on the political conspiracy revolving around the assassination, the playwright added several factious characterizations and additional plots to employ romance in the story as well. Despite the fact that Scribe wanted to use actual names and historical figures in his original story, censorship asked for him to make changes to the time and setting of the play.
The Un Ballo in Maschera opera was first presented by the Metropolitan Opera in the year 1861. The premiere took place in New York City after which it made its debut in the United Kingdom in the same year. It was after the 1935 Copenhagen show that the production restored to its original time, setting and several historical figures’ names. The opera has grown to become one of the most adored theatrical productions of all times. So do not miss out on an opportunity to watch a classic show and get your Metropolitan Opera Un Ballo in Maschera tickets today.
The opera starts with the first act at Gustavo’s palace in the middle of a public event where the King’s supporters and hidden foes all gather to watch him. At this gathering the King is warned by a friend regarding the conspiracy that is stirring around him but the stubborn King refuses to listen. Later that day, he decides to visit the dwelling of a fortuneteller named Ulrica; regarding whom several complaints have been lodged. Alongside his court members, the King visits Ulrica in secrecy. Ulrica prophesizes that he will be killed by a friend who will be the very first one to shake his hand, after which Renato enters the fortuneteller’s home and shakes the King’s hand. The King refuses to believe all of this and reveals his true identity.
The next act brings forward a romance between the King and Renato’s wife, Amelia. Amelia is tormented by her relationship with Renato and wants freedom, while at the same time she secretly loves the King. In the second act, their romance is revealed in front of Renato who then makes up his mind to kill Amelia and the King. With an upcoming masquerade ball, Renato plans to stab the King himself, for the dishonor the King has brought upon his marriage. What will happen at the ball? Will Renato get completely blinded by rage or will he back off at the last moment? If you wish to witness the story, you should consider attending the Metropolitan Opera Un Ballo in Maschera show. You will be able to confirm your attendance by purchasing your Metropolitan Opera Un Ballo in Maschera tickets.

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