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Rigoletto is a three act opera created by Giuseppe Verdi. Rigoletto New York tickets offer you to watch the brand new version produced by the MET Opera. This season producer/director Michael Mayer and choreographer Michele Mariotti brings back all new musical style to this classical story. The cast includes Piotr Beczala, Diana Damaru and Zeljko Lucic who will stage some of the most awe-inspiring numbers at the MET this season. They will be seen singing and swaying to music Frank Sinatra, style in brilliant colors around them.

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Rigoletto as Verdie’s masterpiece was came to opera when Francesco Maria Piave wrote its Italian libretto based on Le roi s'amuse (a play by Victor Hugo). It came to public in 1851 at the La Fenice and was an instant success. This tragic story became very engaging and interesting for opera lovers and in a year’s time this masterpiece has reached outside of Italy. It was retold by opera houses in Alexandria, Constantinople, Montevideo and Havana. In 1853 The Royal Opera House presented its UK premier. In 1855 at New York's Academy of Music became the first one to stage this opera in the United Stated.
Rigoletto is one of the most performed opera of our times. It has become a staple of operatic repertoire. Many modern productions have played around with the original settings which have made the opera even more attractive. Jonathan Miller for the The English National Opera and Doris Dorrie for the the Bavarian State Opera pioneered in the modern adaptation of this opera. The original story is about the life of Rigoletto a jester in the court of Duke of Mantua. Gilda is the jester’s daughter who pays the price for her father’s acts. Rigoletto is cursed by a courtier for encouraging the Duke to seduce his daughter. The curse falls on him when Gilda falls for the Duke and she sacrifices her own life to save her father.
This time around Rigoletto New York has a contemporary setting with a mix of inventive and original plot. The new version is sure to attract young audiences for it can help them relate to the modern times. The MET has transported Rigoletto from 1500’s Italy to Vegas. This production of the opera has been made very colorful and vibrant. Vegas comes to life in its true spirits with the help of set designer Christine Jones’s efforts. The ornate set portrays of a casino against a wall of flashing neon signs is a real eye catcher. It reflects perfectly on the gambling as a sinful indulgence. Susan Hilferty as the costume designer has also done wonders in creating the life of the Sin City with each character weaning outfits just right for the their role. Kevin Adams as the lights director has captured each mood and emotion with the right tuning of lights and supporting effects.
Rigoletto New York presents misuse of power and womanizing as acts that brings misery to everyone involved. Rigoletto played by Zeljko Lucic (Baritone) becomes the cursed one along with his beloved daughter for his ill deeds. Lucic’s powerful vocals have presented his character really well. The Duke in this setting is a cheap lusty singer, a big time womanizer who sings and lives ala Sinatra style. This character is played by Piotr Beczala (Tenor), the powerhouse of complications in the story. It deep voice has done justice to tracks like La donna e mobile. This song remains the highlight of the event for his superb pole dance and singing. Diana Damrau (Soprano) is plays Gilda, a voice which cannot be missed for her stunning emotional performance. Other supporting acts in the lineup are Stefan Kocan (the bass playing the killer) and Oksana Volkova (the mezzo playing the killer’s sister).
Mayer is an Award winning director who has presented supercharged energy in efforts like Spring Awakening. Rigoletto New York is his operatic debut where he has used his experience wisely. Mayer has also relied heavily on the aesthetics and the singers to recast the characters in a more interesting way. By allowing open-ended creativity he surely brought some theatrical flair to this production. This opera has dynamic elements of music and colorful song delivery which has made every track from Questa o quella to La donna e mobile enjoyable. For all Opera fans out there, Rigoletto New York tickets give a great chance to watch one of the classiest opera stories in modern attire. Grab hold of your deals sooner than later. Enjoy!

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