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Opera fans will be thrilled to know that a fantastic treat is coming their way. The opera Giulio Cesare is going to be on stage soon. Those who are interested in the upcoming show can get their Giulio Cesare tickets on very low rates. ‘Giulio Cesare’ basically means Julius Caesar. Giulio Cesare is an Italian opera which was written back in 1724 by George Frideric Handel. Despite the fact that centuries have passed since the opera was first written and performed on stage, its popularity is still intact. The opera still has many fans out there who desperately await its performance. So do not wait to get cheap Giulio Cesare tickets. The opera goes on for three acts. All three acts are equally interesting and rivet the audience’s attention. Giulio Cesare tells a thrilling tale of love, battle, murder, conspiracy, revenge, humiliation and love scorned. The proceedings of the opera keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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About Metropolitan Opera Giulio Cesare

The story of Giulio Cesare tells how Julius Caesar defeated Pompeo, who was later murdered in a conspiracy. Pompeo’s wife and his son set out to seek revenge for his death. From there an exciting tale of how Julius Caesar was cheated and conspired against starts. It is during these schemes that Julius Caesar meets Cleopatra. Each is under a misconception against the other, but both slowly and steadily they fall in love. Battles ensue and exciting matches between enemies take place. The end of the opera, Giulio Cesare, shows that true love wins as always. Given the exciting story the opera promises for its fans, they should hurry to get their Giulio Cesare tickets. The opera’s requirement for a different variety of singing voices has been fulfilled beautifully. The mix of different singing voices creates a unique aura for the show. The rise and lull in the songs, and the accompanied voices give off the exact emotions the characters are supposed to feel in the play.

Back in the eighteenth century, when the play was written, the roles were written for specific singing voices. The roles of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and the King of Egypt call for an alto castrato singing voice. The soprano singing voice is needed for Cleopatra and Pompeo’s son’s roles. Contralto and bass singing voices are required for the roles of Pompeo’s wife and King of Egypt’s general, respectively. All these varying voice ranges bring a beautiful melody and harmony in the opera.
With the passage of time, some adjustments have been made in the character’s singing voice types. However, despite the changes Giulio Cesare is still as delightful and exciting as ever. Julius Caesar and Cleopatra’s characters demand singing voices which are strong. These roles make full use of the vocal talents of the actors. Both roles are the primary focus of the opera, with major support from other characters. Both the leading characters are portrayed to be strong, seductive, afraid, vengeful, angry and in love throughout the different acts of the opera. The audience will surely see a diversity of emotions during Giulio Cesare.

A variety of instruments are played in Giulio Cesare to accompany the singers. Beautiful melodies are created by several instruments. These include violins, cello, oboe, flute, trumpets, horns and bassoons. The harp, violas, theorbo and basso continuo add a different feel to the music of the opera. The instruments come together to form delightful music that is exciting and mellowing for the audience at the same time. Giulio Cesare faced a lull in the nineteenth century and was not played in theaters at a very large scale. However, in the twentieth century the orchestra of the opera was revamped and the singing voices were changed for some of the roles. Once again Giulio Cesare captured the attention of the public. It is still going strong to date. This opera brings a tale which is thrilling and riveting. Get your Giulio Cesare tickets before they run out!

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