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Francesca da Rimini Metropolitan Opera tickets present the revival of one of the classiest opera of all times. Francesca da Rimini is the Story of Riccardo Zandonai Opera that takes place in thirteenth century Italy. A collection of four Acts, this opera presentation will transporting audiences to a time zone experiences years ago. Reconstructed with the vision of reviving the grandeur of expression of the classic Italian operatic style, the opera has already proved a success. With general opera audiences and critics are already talking about it. Francesca da Rimini is an evocative sensation bound to cement its place in today’s opera.

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About Metropolitan Opera Francesca di Rimini

Riccardo Zandonai's' Francesca da Rimini was a regular repertory of the MET Opera. In 1984 it made a comeback at the Opera's repertory almost six decades later. Originally created in 1914 it became a masterpiece of Italian grand opera. Melodramatic and intense to the core, it was a passionately compassionate opera that who hearts of audiences wherever it went. However, the original work lacked in music score and was overwhelmingly dramatic. James Levine, the music director of the Metropolitan deeply believed that the opera was abandoned for its rustic style. The Metropolitan Opera’s decision to cut down on the endless trail of its drama has worked wonders. Commendable hard work from the MET and production team reproduced the opera streamlined within the original boundaries. However, the operatic style and feel was made more rewarding by overhauling its mediocre angles. Everything from the music to the cast, sets, costumes and stage were created with heart and money.
The Opera transformed into a worthwhile musical when it premiered in 1984. This presentation is devious from all Metropolitan Opera; it has won and maintained a cult following. The most important ingredient that has made this presentation flavorsome is Francesca’s character and stage presence. Personified by soprano Renata Scotto, all acts and scenarios of this musical are delivered with impeccable style of acting and vocal. The direction head Piero Faggioni tells the tale once told by Dante and then retold in D’Annunzio’s words; a la Faggioni style.
Alike most Opera plots Francesca da Rimini Metropolitan Opera also manifest a trouble love story between Francesca and Paolo. Gianciotto, Paolo’s brother and Francesca’s gentleman in waiting upon discovering the truth of their love is devastated. Disoriented he seeks revenge for harming his honor and pride. He kills the couple and speaks of the torment experienced by his heart and soul. The entire quadrangle of acts delivered mesmeric acting and vocals from the soprano and the tenors. However, the best relished part of the performance remains the opening act that keeps Paolo hidden from the eyes of audiences as well as Francesca. Paolo builds the excitement further with the girl and her friends marry wait for Gianciotto to come for a formal meeting. The magical effect of Gianciotto being replaced with his brother and both falling in love can be relived at the real show.
Francesca da Rimini Metropolitan Opera's facelift resided mainly in two concrete additions. Firstly it is Ezio Frigerio's set design that has made this presentation a real time machine. Transporting one to the luxury and grandeur of Italian extravagance, it manifests high life of the eighteenth century superbly. The touch and feel of this addition has overpowered the acting and plot in every way. Reminiscent of various Romantic opera styles, the Met Opera brings the couple to exchange their love and feelings in the most beautiful and lush surroundings. Another interesting set that steals the show is that of a battleground. This set appeared hardly realistic but was able to deliver the feelings and panic of the difficult times in the rightful manner.
James Levine's initiative to revive this repertoire would have failed if his music score and conduct lacked a bit in vigorous and zeal require for this show. Instead of letting the vocals sing the night away aimlessly at endless stretches; Levine skillfully molded the troupe. Placido Domingo as Paolo, Cornell MacNeil as Gianciotto, Scott as Francesca and her female companions including Gail Dubinbaum ,Gail Robinson, Claudia Catania, Natalia Rom all have done justice to their role. Their vocal delivery, acting and stage charm has enchanted audiences and will continue to do so.
Francesca da Rimini Metropolitan Opera awakens the classic Italian opera in an awe- inspiring attire. Cheap Francesca da Rimini Metropolitan Opera tickets are also available and make this entertainment worth spending for. Avail them before they are gone.

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