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One of the most amazing operas of all time teams up with an equally iconic opera house to stage the magnificent Metropolitan Opera Faust event. This is a remarkable combination that will mesmerize fans who are lucky enough to catch it live. If you are a fan of classical performing arts then this is what you want. So grab your cheap Metropolitan Opera Faust tickets and make your way to the arena to be a part of this wonderful production.

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About Metropolitan Opera Faust

The Metropolitan Opera Faust is a production by one of the most famous names in the business, the Metropolitan Opera. Founded well over a century ago in the year 1880, this magnificent organization has gone on to etch its name in history books for all the on-stage magnificence it has displayed. It started off by recruiting personnel from the outside to conduct operas. Henry Abbey holds the distinction of being the conductor of its first season in 1883-1884. The first ever opera that was conducted by Abbey was none other than the incredible Faust. The company was based in Philadelphia during those days and put on a dozen or so shows in its years of infancy.
It remained in Philadelphia for the best part of eight decades and performed its last season there in 1961. The increase in stature of the organization brought with it the arrival of some of the biggest names in the industry to come and grace its stage. The Metropolitan Opera is now the biggest opera production house in the entire North American continent. A staggering twenty seven different operas are conducted every season that starts in September and ends in May. Seven different shows of four productions are put on show every week. The schedule is decided on rotational basis. From the 18th all the way to the 20th century, works from every century are put on stage for the fans to enjoy. The Metropolitan Opera has embraced the latest technological advances with open arms as well by displaying HD broadcasts in different theaters around the globe to an audience of over three million people.
On the other side of the Metropolitan Opera Faust equation is the opera that started it all. Since it made its debut in the production house’s first season, Faust has been among the most amazing shows in its arsenal. The plot revolves around a brilliant scholar who has conducted research all his life. His name is Dr. Faust. By the time he reaches old age, he realizes he hasn’t really done anything in life and hadn’t had the time to enjoy all the pleasures of life. He curses science and his research for that.
Mephistopheles, the devil promises to give him what he wants if he trades his soul to him in the process. Faust agrees to it and is immediately turned into a handsome young man who is shown the vision of a beautiful young girl Marguerite. The two then reach a small town in search of her which also happens to be the town where Marguerite resides. Her brother Valentin is going to take part in the war but he doesn’t want to leave his sister alone so he asks Siebel to look after her. Faust sees the girl, falls in love with her instantly and manages to capture her heart. That is exactly what the devil wanted and he keeps on working his evil plan behind their backs. The plan and everything that happens from that point onwards is a story full of twists and turns that will keep you glued to the stage till its amazing conclusion.
The Metropolitan Opera Faust is the latest edition of an extravaganza that began well over a century ago. It has been watched by millions of fans from around the globe over the course of subsequent years to solidify its status among the very best opera productions of all time. Now that this wonderful show is making its return make sure you grab your Metropolitan Opera Faust tickets so that you don’t miss out on the chance to catch it live.

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