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The famous 1956 French Opera, Dialogues Des Carmélites (Dialogues of the Carmelites) is coming to the Metropolitan Opera this spring. For all French opera lovers it is an exclusive chance to fully enjoy a French Opera to its maximum. Dialogues Des Carmélites is the second composition of Francis Poulenc. It comprises of twelve scenes along with a few orchestral interludes. It is staged in three acts. Throughout the play you will be engrossed in its emotional depth. The smart, modern staging and religious vision will have your attention across the three acts. The opera has a great cast with Patricia Racette starring as Blanche. What is exciting is that ten years back Patricia sung this role mat the Metropolitan Opera. Felicity Palmer and Isabel Leonard enhance the performance by adding their charm to it.

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About Metropolitan Opera Dialogues des Carmelites

Based on the sad true story of a Carmelite nun, Dialogues is the journey of the nuns changing world due to the French Revolution and Reign of Terror. The main character Blanche is the daughter of a wealthy man and overcomes her fears by embracing to be a nun. The story of her bravery and overcoming of her inner fears to pursue bigger goals is narrated through the opera. The affects of the French Revolution on the Carmelite convent are shown splendidly. In January 1957 Dialogues Des Carmélites premiered for the first time in Milan and later on in France and America. The composer Poulenc thought of composing Dialogues when he was going through a spiritual transition in his life. He has reaffirmed his spiritual beliefs in Roman Catholicism. Many critics believe that the opera shows the pain and agony Poulenc felt after the World War II and its effects on France. 

Poulenc’s melodious voice grasps the audience’s attention as he recites out the dialogues of the opera. The music is a perfect blend of the emotional journey being shown in the opera. Luxuriant harmonies with the occasional twists are a highlight of the composer’s signature style. He shares his spiritual side with the world through the staging of different scenes like Scene II in Ave Maria in Act II. Over the years Dialogues has been praised widely. Critics have said that Poulenc has portrayed the convent life in an excellent way without making it look ordinary and boring to the audience’s. One of the very famous opera historians Charles Osborne quoted, “The inexorable dramatic movement of the work is impressive and extremely moving”.
The French Opera will send shiver down your spines. Its haunting music has been praised through times and is for sure going to thrill you to the maximum. The final scene of the Opera always has audiences gasping and thrilled. So book your Dialogues Des Carmelites Tickets now. Only a limited number of performances have been scheduled at the Metropolitan Opera. So don’t miss your chance of watching it. If you’re a French Opera lover Dialogues Des Carmelites is the Holy Grail for you.

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