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Met Live in HD: Tosca The Bardavon 1869 Opera House Poughkeepsie Saturday
1/27/2018 1:00 PM

About Met Opera Live In HD

Opera has embodied the richness of the performing arts ever since the great European composers of the Renaissance made it famous. The finesse & fine poise of the medium, with its ability to translate emotions into overwhelming melodies, is simply enchanting. Passion & fury, ecstasy & sarcasm, all find a voice at the opera. And as opera has shed its long-held label of aristocratic entertainment, & become more accessible & enjoyable to the ordinary man with its varied themes, the prestige of opera houses around the nation has increased. New York’s Metropolitan Opera Association has served as a major presenter of the art-form since 1880, & the resident Met Opera House has grown in significance with every passing year. Met Opera tickets are much sought after for all opera enthusiasts, as not only are opera’s most famous pieces conducted there, but the opera house also plays host to some of the world’s greatest opera singers. Legends have built their careers while residents at the Met Opera, located parallel to the block from West 63rd Street to West 64th Street in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City.


New York’s Upper West Side lies between Hudson River & Central Park. Culturally significant for its arts movements, the area lies in the borough of Manhattan. It is an upscale residential area, & the Lincoln Center forms the heartbeat of New York’s performing arts scene. The Metropolitan Opera Association began in 1880 as a counter-measure to the Academy of Music, which had refused admittance to many of the wealthy families of that time. Henry Abbey took up the reins as manager for the inaugural season of the newly-constructed Met Opera House on Broadway in 1883, & by the turn of the century, the world’s greatest opera singers were performing at the Met Opera. This ushered in the Golden Age, which saw entrepreneurs of the highest quality populate the opera house. The center grew in significance with its architecture’s timeless magnificence & the impeccable acoustics, but was closed in 1966 after the stage facilities grew increasingly insufficient. The new area assigned for the Met Opera House was in Lincoln Square, with construction completed by 1966. Wallace K. Harrison, famous in his advisory capacity to world-renowned architect Nelson Rockefeller, designed the Met Opera House. The first performance was Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West, followed by a series of sound tests that established the superlative acoustics. Samuel Barber’s Antony & Cleopatra officially opened the Met Opera House in September 1966.


The Met Opera is one of twelve resident organizations based in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The entrance opens out to Lincoln Center Plaza, while the building presents a riveting face of a special limestone called travertine. The five distinct arches on the east façade are one of the most recognizable features, while the stage boasts of the largest tab curtain in the world, made of elegantly woven gold damask. The proscenium is also rich royal gold, with its measurements being 54’ by 54’. Two murals, made by the hand of celebrated artist Marc Chagall, adorn the lobby. The Met Opera can seat approximately 3800. 103 motorized battens and two 100 ft tall cycloramas can adapt the stage according to the performance. And since the busy schedule of the Met Opera House is unrelenting, the seven stage elevators & three slip-stages (replete with a 60 ft diameter turntable) are in constant use, adapting according to the pieces. Ample parking is provided by the Lincoln Center, the acoustics have been vouched for as the best in the business.


The opera season starts in mid-September, completing its round-up by May of the following year. And in between is sandwiched a palatable host of 27 operas each year. The stage is in constant heavy rotation, playing seven performances of four different operas each week. Enthusiasts with Met Opera tickets will find the likes of Mozart’s wily romantic comedy Cosi fan tutte, Verdi’s epic tragedy Don Carlo, & the enchanting Elina Garanca in Carmen at the opera house this very week. Over history, celebrated artists like Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo & Renee Fleming have played at the Met Opera, sometimes as permanent residents.


The Met Opera is more than just a significant historical structure. It is a cocoon of immeasurable talent that has introduced the world to the great charms of the operatic art-form, something fans with Met Opera tickets are keen to enjoy to the maximum.

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