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La Fille du Regiment, translated in plain English means, the daughter of the Regiment. It is an opera comique which is known to be a genre of French opera. It includes spoken dialogue and expressive melody.  This opera was composed by a famous composer named Domenico Gaetano Donizetti while he was staying at Paris with a French liberto. The opera is written in a little differently from the regular Italian version and so was very much liked by the Italian public. The change in Italian language was translated by Callisto Bassi. What is most intriguing about this opera is that it takes you back in history to the time of Romeo and Juliet. The act performed and the words spoken are very different from what you will hear in the typical opera. It is always wonderful to try something new and almost every time you end up liking what you have been very much trying to avoid. So go ahead and buy your La Fille du Regiment tickets now and see how you are transported back to the old times.

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About La Fille Du Regiment

Just to give you a brief idea about the story, the opera La Fille du Regiment tells about the life of a woman named Marie, she is brought back to her lost family and the soldier she was once in love with. Join her on her journey to finding how she was lost and forgotten and through her hardships how she was able to find her way back to her loved ones. For this you will have to watch the opera and find out the answers to all the questions you have.  These tickets will be selling faster than anything so this is your chance to get your hands on La Fille du Regiment tickets, everyone's favorite love story of the century after Romeo and Juliet. This will be your most memorable night ever.
This romantic opera La Fille du Regiment made its debut performance in February 1840 at the Salle de la Bourse and was later on performed in October at La Scala, Milan. In 1847 it was performed in English in London at the Surrey Theatre. La Fille du Regiment made its debut in America in March, 1843 at New Orleans. The performance was loved by many and so it was shown constantly in New York at the Metropolitan Opera with Charles Gilibert and Marcella Sembrich from 1902 to 1903. The role of Marie was played by the favorites such as Henriette Sontag, Jenny Lind, Adelina Patti and Pauline Lucca. Recently one of the performers named Juan Diego Florez presented "Ah! mes amis" which is a favorite melody for this opera. It was performed twice on demand of majority which at the end broke the seventy-four year restriction on encores at the celebrated Milanese opera house. Juan Diego Florez repeated this accomplishment in April 2008 at the London production in 2007 at the Met along with Natalie Dessay who performed as Marie. In April 2008, the Met production was then showed in Metropolitan Opera Live in high definition video in cinemas around the world.
It cannot be that you have not come across the name of this opera before. It has been most popular around the globe that everyone is willing to pay to get there hands on the La Fille du Regiment tickets before all of them are sold. There is always a chance that you may be left standing outside the theatre missing a live performance of this romantic opera. So why get into such a position, it would be better to get these tickets first. Bring your loved one along with you and watch the performance together, you will fall more in love with it and would be craving for a second performance. Do not miss your chance as you never know when it will be performed next at your city.

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