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Il Lago Dei Cigni or Swan Lake is one of the most popular and acclaimed ballet of all times. It is a romantic story revolving around the themes of love, fate, fear, hope and despair. Buy Il Lago Dei Cigni tickets and enjoy the classical ballet full of emotions and riveting dance performances. Il Lago Dei Cigni, composed by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovky, was performed at the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow in 1877 for the first time. The libretto was written by Vladimir Petrovic Begicev and is based on an old German fairytale named as geraubte Der Schleier (The Stolen Veil). Over the years, the libretto was modified and some other piano pieces of Tchaikovsky were included. Although there are different versions of the ballet existing today, most of them are represented in four acts and four scenes.

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About Il lago dei cigni

Il Lago Dei Cigni captures a whole range of human emotions ranging from fear, ecstasy, melancholy and tenderness to hope and despair. It is a splendid ballet and most romantic story of young Prince Siegfried who falls in love with the Odette, a swan queen transformed into a bird by an evil magician. Odette tells him that it is destined to remain that creature unless eternal love of a man saves her. The prince is captivated by her beauty and promised her eternal love but he is tricked by a sorcerer Von Rothbart and ends up declaring his love for Odette’s twin evil sister, Odile. When Prince realizes that he cheated, he runs to meet Von Rothbart, beating him in a duet and destroys his powers. Eventually, the two lovers are united in a transcendent love.
The first act of the ballet features celebration of Prince’s birthday with dancing of peasants and jesters. In second act, he meets the swan’s queen, Odette in the waters of the lake and promises her heart when it turns into human at night. Third act shows the castle again with festivities and dances while Prince is asked to choose a girl to marry. Later in the act, he is deceived by magician to fall in love with Odile. Last act features re-union of the two lovers in a happy and joyful ending.

The choreography of the ballet is amazing. The dazzling lights, spectacular staging, perfect sound arrangements produce an ever lasting impact and make this experience a wonderful one. The heart touching music and the riveting performance of the dancers take you to an imaginary world of magic. The characters and story is fully developed by delicate movements of the dancers expressing their emotions in a ravishing way.

Musically, the ballet begins with a symphony preparing the surprise of the first scene and then famous waltz appears. The articulate episodes of solo instruments including harp, clarinet and bassoon leaves the scene to a dance of peasants. The conclusion instrumental pas de deux amazes the audiences finishing first act remarkably. A delicate solo Odette gives the enjoyment of famous violin solo in the second act. A Hungarian Dance, a Russian Dance, a bolero Spanish, and a Neapolitan tarantella create the imagination in the third act. The final act has sounds of strings and brass which stands the harp. Il Lago Dei Cigni has enjoyed great success and thrilled audiences around the world for a long time. Buy cheap Il Lago Dei Cigni tickets and enjoy this amazing combination of dance, humor, great showmanship in the classical ballet of our times.

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