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Hansel And Gretel is superb theatrical production, an opera that has become quite popular in the US today. The opera itself is considered as one of the greatest operas ever and is the work of the legendary Engelbert Humperdinck. This amazing opera is a production of the world famous and internationally renowned opera company, The Metropolitan Opera or The Met, as it is commonly known. This amazing production is a hilarious version of the original opera and is bound to have anyone who watches it laughing their heads off. Indeed, this amazing production has become one of the most popular this season and is making headlines all over the US for its superb acting, music and performance. This awesome production is a family production that is the perfect way to celebrate these holidays by using Hansel And Gretel Tickets to watch this hilarious one of a kind opera live.

About Hansel And Gretel

This spectacular production by The Metropolitan Opera is an English language holiday performance that stars Alice Coote and Kate Lindsey as Hansel, Aleksandra Kurzak as Gretel and Robert Brubaker as the Witch who plots to bake the two main characters into gingerbread. It is a funny production accompanied by some of the most astounding classical, the very best. The producer of Hansel And Gretel is Richard Jones, the designer is John Macfarlane, the lighting designer is Jennifer Tipton, the choreographer is Linda Dobell and David Pountney is responsible for the English version of the original Hansel And Gretel opera, which was in German. The original opera is in itself a composition of iconic German composer, Engelbert Humperdinck.
The story behind The Metropolitan Opera’s Hansel And Gretel opera is also different from the original fairytale and is much more funnier with its own hilarious twists. In fact, Hansel And Gretel the opera starts out in a rather funny way showing the two main characters, Hansel and Gretel, dancing around in happiness leading to their mother spilling milk. Thus, the two are then sent to go and look for strawberries in the jungle not knowing about the witch who lives in the woods. Their father then comes home and when he finds out that the two are in the woods, he tells of the witch and then the two parents go out to search for the kids. This starting of the opera is therefore very different from the original fairytale in which the two children got lost or were abandoned.
The amazing fairytale, Hansel And Gretel, that is the inspiration behind this opera was a German fairytale collected by the Brothers Grimm and released as part of their book in 1812. Today, this is a fairytale most children have heard and it has also been adapated into many other forms; aside from this opera, it has also been made into a film and a number of other popular productions. The original opera was composed by Engelbert Humperdinck as a fairy tale opera. Its libretto was written by Adelheid Wette and was inspired by the original Brothers Grimm but had been changed for the opera. This opera also contained a folk music theme, something that was attractive to many. This opera had also been written a children’s production for Christmas by Engelbert Humperdinck and so is the version put up by The Metropolitan Opera or The Met as many people know it today.
Incidentally, the first ever radio broadcasted performance by The Metropolitan Opera was Hansel And Gretel, and it occurred in 1931. The Metropolitan Opera itself is the largest classical music organization in not only the US but also in Canada; the biggest North American classical music organization. Thus, this awesome opera company is also one of the greatest in the whole world. It is located at the Metropolitan Opera House in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in the greatest American city, New York City. This opera company presents and performs around twenty seven operas every season each year, yet another figure that few opera companies can match all over the world. Aside from broadcasting its performances on radio, The Metropolitan also began using the internet for live streaming, live satellite radio and high definition transmission of video to cinemas all over the world.
To sum it up, if you want to celebrate this holiday season in an amazing way with your family, you should simply pick these Hansel And Gretel Tickets and go watch this one in a million funny opera live.