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Gotterdammerung is an opera by Richard Wagner. It is the last part of his series of four operas named Der Ring des Nibelungen (meaning “The Ring”).  Gotterdammerung means “Twilight of the Gods”. The opera premiered for the very first time on August 17th 1876 at Bayreuth Festspielhuas. Since then, it has been produced and staged many a times, and is even today one of the most wanted classic operas of the nineteenth century. Even today, it has the power of captivating the audience with its enchanting story. In general, the term “Gotterdammerung” is used to phrase disastrous ending of events.  If you want, you can attend the opera in 21st century too! For that, book your Gotterdammerung tickets today!

About Gotterdammerung

Gotterdammerung is one of the four classical operas called Der Ring des Nibelungen. Other three are Das Rheingold, Die Walkure and Siegfried. The story of Der Ring des Nibelungen revolves around one ring of power and depicts epic tale of struggle between heroes, gods and mythical creatures. It is a unique fantasy world creation in itself. The content is based on the German theory of Greek dramas that consisted of three tragedies with inclusion of one satyr play. It is said that Wagner prepared the music and libretto for the opera in twenty-six years, hence creating an all-time masterpiece.
Gotterdammerung’s creator Richard Wagner was a German theater director, composer and conductor. His work is famous for its highly rich texture, its orchestration and harmonies. Initially, Wagner composed works such as Tannhauser and The Flying Dutchman, which had a romantic touch. Wagner was also the pioneer of musical language of shifting tones and ‘chromaticism’. His personal life was never much successful, he had financial troubles and on and off disturbing love affairs. He was also politically exiled. Despite all these troubles, he managed to create some of the masterpieces of the time. To attend his masterpiece Gotterdammerung, you can get cheap Gotterdammerung tickets from us now!

The story of Gotterdammerung being the last of the four parts is the concluding one, thus full of action, thrill and emotions. Das Rheingold is the introductory part of the series, in which the readers and viewers are introduced with the gold guarded by Rhinemaidens. A ring that could be made from this gold will have ultimate power to rule the world. Alberich, a dwarf, manages to steal some gold and forge the ring. Die Walkure, the second part in the series starts with the introduction of twins Sieglinde and Siegmund. Siegfried, the third part in the classic series of operas is the second most all-time favorite part, in which Siegfried is introduced; the part also includes the meeting of Brunnhilde and Siegfried, who later fall in love.

The last and the most loved part of The Ring is Gotterdammerung. In this concluding part, the opera starts off with Siegfried being spelled through a love potion to fall in love with Gutrane and forget Brunhilde. The opera is famous for being a complete drama of myth, adventure, thrill, love, trickery and loss. This year, this epic tale of betrayal, love and good and bad has come to Metropolitan Opera, with a new vision, a new cast and a new artistic team.

Directed by Robert Lepage, Gotterdammerung is featuring Jay Hunter as Siegfried and Deborah Voigt as Brunhilde. The opera is conducted by none other than Fabio Luisi. The reviews narrate that the opera is exceptionally unique and the stage has been more simplified and the equipment modernized. The team plans on presenting all four episodes of the Ring this year. If you are a fan of tales of fantasy, love and adventure, this epic opera can be a big treat for you. In order to find out, book your share of Gotterdammerung tickets from us today!