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Watching a grand opera is a symbol of style and elegance and with your Faust tickets you can have this superb experience easily. This five acts show is what you want in order to have an unforgettable memory to cherish forever. Developed by the talented Charles Gounod, Faust is a great show. Its French libretto is done by Jules Barbier along with Michel Carré of the Faust et Marguerite. Somewhat similar to the Faust, Part 1 of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, this show did debut on March 19th, 1859 at the Théâtre Lyrique in Paris.

About Faust

Faust actually got rejected by Paris Opera because it was not satisfactorily showy for them at that time. Earlier the show was not that famous but with the passage of time people developed a strong liking for his production. The copyrights of this show were purchased by Antoine Choudens and he developed it in a unique way. In 1862, a revival production of Faust was created in Paris which turned out to be huge hit. Up till now this opera has been translated in more than twenty five languages all over the world. In 1869, a ballet was also inserted in the show to showcase it on Opéra. One of the most frequently performed operas of the world Faust is a highly acclaimed work.
You are going to marvel at the huge production of Faust, with its large chorus and elaborated costumes and sets the show is an expensive deal, especially with it’s act five ballet involved. Faust is ranked at number thirty five among the most performed operas of the world on the Operabase List. October 22nd, 1883 Faust was presented as the first show on the Metropolitan Opera of the New York City. On Metropolitan Opera, Faust is ranked at number eight for the most commonly performed opera. Till 2008, Faust has done more than seven hundred and thirty shows.
Presenting to you the Germany, of sixteenth century this opera is a great show of fashion and class. See the interesting story of a doctor who trades his soul to the devil because he finds it better than living an ignorant life in the materialistic world. Check out the exciting challenges and superb powers he gets in return. See how much a person has to pay in return of great powers. Faust is classic production and this haunting opera has the capability to keep you at edge of your seat in anticipation.
With so many twists and turn this tragic story has the power to entrance you. This grand show is surely going to give you chills. With a combination of infernal forces Faust is a once in a lifetime experience for you. Faust has proceeded into the popular culture of Europe since a long time now. You can gauge the fame of this show by the fact that Edith Wharton mentioned in her book The Age of Innocence that no matter where the opera season began in US, Faust used to be the first show during the late 19th century.
In 1866, there has also been a poem written on this opera with the same title by Estanislao del Campo. It is a satirical poem describing the impression of gaucho during the opera of Gounod. In a film by Gaston Leroux titled as The Phantom of the Opera, there is a scene featuring the performance of this opera. Opera has also been featured in films like Stingaree of 1934 in which Irene Dunne is shown performing on Jewel Song as well as San Francisco of 1936 which has got the whole setting of opera along with its costumes, orchestra and sets.
Jewel Song is particularly a very famous song of this opera. To enjoy this lavish show all you have to do is get your share of Faust tickets. So be there at the show to witness the tale of devil and its follower. Get your friends and family together and buy your Cheap Faust tickets and because the best seats for yourself to enjoy a great time.