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Dulce Rosa is a phenomenal character of a short story Una Venganza or An Act of Vengeance. The story has been authored by a Chilean feminist writer, Isabel Allende in 1987. It is one of the most beautiful story set in the 1950s which shows the sensitive and mature melodrama about romantic tragedy and revenge. The story is a great mix of tragedy, revenge, injustice, death, war and rape that give this opera production its real essence. Get Dulce Rosa tickets now to enjoy this opera production. Under the composer Lee Holdridge and librettist Richard Sparks, the two-act opera has made its debut at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica and has been successful in providing a larger-than-life experience to the opera lovers. However, the opera is not suitable for children because it contains scenes of rape and brutal death.

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About Dulce Rosa

This tale-turned-opera centers on Dulce Rosa, who is a beautiful daughter of a beloved senator residing in the South American country. Her father, Orellano is killed and her home is destroyed during a military coup which is the result of a violent political uprising in the town of Santa Teresa. The first act showcases the bonding between Dulce Rosa and her father. All of a sudden havoc is created in the second act and the story changes its course from light to dark as tragic events start unfolding. It is one of the finest works of the Emmy Award-winning Holdridge who has scored several other television shows and feature films including Splash and Old Gringo. The noteworthy opera showcases the top-tier cast from the Los Angeles Opera orchestra. The lead role of Dulce Rosa has been sung wonderfully by the silver-voiced Uruguayan soprano, Maria Eugenia Antúnez. Her flexible, dynamic voice blends well with Rosa’s character and the overall story. The shining soprano wonderfully brings to life the character of Dulce Rosa, who plans to take revenge from the merciless murderer of her father.  People love to watch the LA Opera Off Grand series because this gives them a chance to watch María Eugenia Antúnez in one of her finest performances.

Greg Fedderly has played the role of Dulce Rosa’s father with overwhelming passion who wants to kill his daughter in order to protect her from disgrace. Plácido Domingo has brilliantly conducted Holdridge’s score who lets the music flow and the vocals lines to amalgamate with the storyline. The photographic art work and  set designs by Jenny Okun and Yael Pardess create next to real Latin American settings which gives the audience an original flavor of the opera.  The production has been sponsored by Eli, Edythe Broad and several other opera lovers who want to keep this genre alive in the twenty first century. From revenge to romance and ruin, the tale has what it takes to be a good opera. You could not have appreciated the relevance and visceral intensity of classical opera until you have seen this wonderful masterpiece. The feel-good music penetrates in the whole house which further enhances the experience. The vibrant costumes, brilliant lighting and the amazing set design take you back in 1950s when Rosa plans to take revenge from the oppressive leader, Tadeo Cespedes who is also a merciless murderer of her father. However, Rosa gets entangled in love with this guerilla who has murdered her father.  She is perplexed as her mind is at war between hatred and love.

Whether she would seek revenge from the murderer or pursue her love remains a question mark. The enthusiastic opera are rushing to grab their share of Dulce Rosa tickets to find what turn the story takes.  If you are also anxious to find out the twists and turns of the story, cheap Dulce Rosa tickets are available for your comfort and convenience.

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