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Operas have their own charm and a fan following quite unlike others. Opera can surely be claimed as one of the best form of art performances staged. Although many opera have been performed since the inception of this art form but Die Meistersinger is one of the classics. Taking almost four and a half hours on stage, the opera is one of its kinds and is rated as one of the longest operas still performed today. The very first performance of the opera took place in Munich in 1868. The opera is focused on the 16th century Nuremberg when it was an imperial free city and the center of Renaissance of the Northern Europe. The story is all about Meistersinger who were the master singers and had mastered the song creation like anything.

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About Die Meistersinger

Most of the Meistersingers were none other than the ones belonging to the middle class and had developed a complete set of composition and music creation system that they religiously followed. The opera draws immense focus on the depiction of Nuremberg era and the traditions of master singer guild. Hans Sachs is one of the Meistersinger depicted in the opera, who was in reality the actual historical figure and one of the famous Meistersinger of his times. The three act opera is written and composed by Richard Wagner and Die Meistersinger holds a very special place amongst his works as it is the only comedy opera that Wagner composed. Rating it as one of the mature works of Wagner, the opera has a well-defined time and place depiction as opposed to the mythical and legendary setting.
Die Meistersinger is claimed to be one of the most original operas by Wagner with the original story conceived by Wagner himself devoid of any supernatural and magical powers or events. Wagner has incorporated many operatic conventions like choruses, arias, ballet and a quintet thus making the opera more engaging and truly praiseworthy. Wagner has also included a musical composition Tannhauser which was the earlier works of Wagner. The musical composition is the pivotal part of the story which can evidently be sensed in the opera.
During 1854, Wagner read Schopenhauer and was really impressed by his ideas. As according to him, the arts and artistic performances are a means of escape from the realities and sufferings of life. He rates music as the highest form of art and the best one to represent the world too. Schopenhauer had so much effect on Wagner that he incorporated many features in Die Meistersinger. It is one such comedy that features the ideas of Wagner about music in society. Wagner rates music as something that brings solace in the life full of illusions and madness. It is this illusion and self-deception that creates havoc in the second act. Many of the dialogues and theories presented in the opera are the true reflection of Schopenhauer’s philosophy and the similarities are pointed out by the critics with great artistry. As the opera was completed, Wagner thought of writing a libretto. After the completion the opera was ready to be performed which had high hopes associated with it.
The premiere was launched in Munich and the show held immense applause from the audience. At the end the public called for the appearance of Wagner who appeared at the end of the show in front of the Royal Box and bowed before the crowd which was his way of paying gratitude to the opera lovers. Although in those times it was the breaking of the tradition as only the Monarchs could address from the box but the praise and applause that Wagner gained at that time was priceless for him. Relive the German traditions by witnessing Die Meistersinger this season. Die Meistersinger tickets are your gateway to an exquisite evening so do not miss the chance. Get cheap Die Meistersinger tickets and have a time of your life and nothing could entertain you better than a classic opera. So grab the chance and get your share!

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