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The Das Rheingold - in English Captions is Richard Wagner's first cycle of the four operas that was formerly written as an introduction to the three-part opera. The first complete performance of the Ring cycle had taken place at Bayreuth in August 1876. With Karl Fischer as Alberich, August Kindermann as Wotan and Heinrich Vogl as Loge, the production made its debut at the National Theater in Munich in September 1869.

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The staging of Das Rheingold production is the hardest thing an opera company can undertake because the action centers on a set of giant parallel beams that twist and transform into many different shapes and places.  Many a times it happens that the operatic productions fail to capture the philosophy of the author but Keith Warner’s production of the Ring reflects the true conception of Wagner. The creation has employed the finest cast including Gerhard Siegel and Ann Petersen who have wonderfully brought their characters to life.  After Fasolt gets killed by Fafner, the attendees are completely astounded to watch the planks spin forward and the corpse sliding down like a bag of garbage.
Wagner has paid a great deal of attention to the character of Alberich and hence invites attention from the patrons. The staging is filled with some stunning visual displays especially when Alberich slowly descends towards the gold. The production showcases Alberich’s brilliant act of heavy contempt at Wotan’s hypocrisy in accusing him of theft. Also, Alberich’s transformation into a giant snake and frog has been received with sheer acclaim from fans, critics and analysts alike.  
The Das Rheingold - in English Captions majorly comprises of long chatty descriptions which is interrupted by a few major musical pieces. It is more about conveying the right story across the audience and involves little singing because the production does not have very long lyrical set pieces.  Under the direction of Antonio Pappano, the score has mesmerized the attendees with the double bass note in the opening of the production. It is a mature mellow drama consisting of some exciting static images including that of the machine forming a descending staircase down to Nibelheim.  
Robert Lepage has done a spectacular job at capturing the intent of Wagner’s philosophy with the help of modern technology. Lepage’s production has got a couple of fine singers whose singing voice blend well with the characters. One of the outstanding performers is Stefan Margita as Loge who gets the crowd’s eyes glued to the stage with her shining presence. Mark Delavan as Wotan also makes an impression on the audience with his clear bass baritone voice. Sarah Connolly as Fricka brings a vocal richness and intensity to the character that reflects an emotionally gripping struggle of power between her and Wotan.
The Das Rheingold - in English Captions is a piece of pure storytelling that sets the ground for the upcoming cycles in the opera. In the first cycle, it introduces the characters and the musical pieces to the audience so that they establish familiarity and find it easy to follow the upcoming cycles.  Under the Italian guest conductor Fabio Luisi, the orchestra has performed the score with all the elegance and precision which is one-of-a-kind experience in itself.  Luisi has retained the glory of the opera by leading an exciting and insightful operatic production which hints at a good chemistry between the Italian conductor and the musicians. The conductor has instilled all the warmth and richness in music while retaining the robustness of sound. 
The Das Rheingold - in English Captions offers the English audience a chance to better understand the Richard Wagner's tale of love, power, freedom, greed and law.  The rainbow bridge, stony riverbed and the pristine water of Rhine is simply a visual treat, so do not forget to attend the show.  The production is ready to lighten up the stage soon, so do not forget to book your share of Das Rheingold - In English Captions tickets. You do not have to worry about the price because cheap Das Rheingold - In English Captions tickets are available for sale.

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