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Carmen is a French opera produced over four acts and is a libretto of the novella named Carmen that was written by Prosper Merimee. The original opera that made its way to Broadway in 1875 was written by Ludovic Halevy and Henri Meilhac. While the musical composition was provided by Georges Bizet and over the years, various adaptive performances have used the original lyrics and music to carry on its realistic essence. If you wish to watch a classic French opera with English projections, then you are in for a treat as the Atlanta Opera presents its own adaptation of Carmen, with directive expertise provided by Jeffery Buchman. The opera’s conductors include Sally Gable and Carl Gable who promise to bring to the stage exhilarating musical projections of those composed by Georges Bizet. A few features of the production that has made it a classic are its brilliant melodies and orchestration display that add to the story it supports. Those who are interested in becoming a part of an astonishing experience, should opt for an attendance at the Atlanta Opera Carmen show, which can become possible if you purchase cheap Atlanta Opera Carmen tickets within due course of time.

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Atlanta Opera Carmen

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Carmen Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Atlanta Saturday
4/28/2018 8:00 PM
Carmen Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Atlanta Tuesday
5/1/2018 7:30 PM
Carmen Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Atlanta Friday
5/4/2018 8:00 PM
Carmen Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Atlanta Sunday
5/6/2018 3:00 PM

About Atlanta Opera Carmen

Carmen is being presented by the Atlanta Opera; a company that was established in 1979. Over the years this theatrical representative organization has grown to become one of the finest ones in the state of Georgia. Apart from producing main stage theatrical productions, it is also known to provide educational programs for those interested in the contemporary arts as well. Atlanta Opera started off by performing at the Fox Theatre, which remained the home venue till 1990. After this the Atlanta Opera held its performances at the Atlanta Symphony Hall till 1995 and moved around till 2007. It presents at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre currently. If you wish to watch Atlanta Opera Carmen show, all you need to do is purchase Atlanta Opera Carmen tickets without any further delay.
It is a heartbreaking story of lovers, deception and death. It starts when a girl named Micaela is seen looking for a soldier and her true love, Don Jose. She asks the other soldiers that are chatting away at the town square, but leaves in vain, when she doesn’t seem to locate him anywhere. Sometime later, Don Jose appears at the scene and catches the eye of Carmen, a seductive gypsy girl, who is seen flirting with him too. Soon Micaela appears, bringing a letter from Don Jose’s mother who has urged him to ask Micaela’s hand in marriage. On this spot Don Jose vows to marry her and expresses his love. The next scene shows Carmen, the gypsy, getting into a brawl with another woman at the town square where Carmen injures the woman. Don Jose is ordered by his officer to put Carmen to prison, but Carmen escapes by charming her way out of it. When the officer receives the news that Don Jose let Carmen escape, he throws the soldier into prison for a month.
Act two starts in a local inn where Carmen is seen with her friends. Many men try to win the heart of the beautiful gypsy who has her heart set on Don Jose now. Meanwhile this is happening; Carmen and her two friends are approached by smugglers who ask for their help. Carmen refuses immediately knowing that her love will walk in through the doors of the inn any minute now. When Don Jose arrives, his officer asks Don to leave, as he fancies Carmen himself; however, Don refuses to do so and gets into a fight with the officer. The third act shows Don Jose escaping from the town and taking residence in the mountains with Carmen and the smugglers. During this time Carmen realizes she doesn’t love Don Jose anymore and starts taunting him. In the next act, Micaela is seen searching for Don Jose and finds him at the mountains. She begs him to return to his town and finally convinces him by telling him that his mother is on her deathbed. Don Jose promises to return but Carmen is least interested. Will Micaela win Don Jose’s heart while he is away from Carmen, or will he be foolish enough to return to the woman who doesn’t love him anymore?  If you wish to learn the riveting story, then you should make your way to the Atlanta Opera Carmen show, which you can attend by purchasing Atlanta Opera Carmen tickets.

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