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Arizona Opera is going to present one of Puccini’s most beloved operas – Tosca, which is a tale of lust, love and loss. Tosca is a triangle; on whose one end is a passionate prima donna and on the other two ends is her rebel and a treacherous police chief. Arizona Opera Tosca tickets are being offered here for all the opera lovers to watch this story of great intensity and fire as it reaches a hair-raising conclusion. Set to the most passionate music of Puccini, Tosca never fails to heighten the spirits of audience.

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Arizona Opera is a company based in Tucson. It was founded in 1971 by a group of dedicated opera enthusiasts including James P. Sullivan. The company also operates in Phoenix. Originally, it started as the Tucson Opera Company, and it presented its first production in 1972. By the year 1976, the opera had expanded and started performing complete seasons in both Phoenix and Tucson.  The company has now gotten its permanent headquarters in Phoenix. Initially producing three operas a season, AO underwent a period of rapid growth in 1983 with the appointment of new general director, Glynn Ross. It now produces five operas every season. All these productions can be seen in both Tucson and Phoenix. Offering in-school tours and various outreach events, the company has almost 10,000 subscribers from the two metropolitan areas. Arizona is among those few opera companies in the US which serve multiple cities.
Since 1972, Arizona Opera has produced more than 170 concerts and fully-stage operas. Wagner’s complete Ring Cycle has been produced twice by the opera. Only four other opera companies have been able to accomplish this feat. The company has a rich artistic history blended with a traditional repertoire that features bel canto and baroque masterpieces. The opera features internationally celebrated artists as well as the emerging ones. Its musical talent is exhibited in its acclaimed chorus and orchestra singers. Established in 2000, Arizona Opera Orchestra comprises of symphony orchestras from Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff as well as local university students and faculty. In previous seasons the patrons have enjoyed Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Verdi’s Rigoletto, Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and Wagner’s Das Rheingold, just to name a few.
Arizona has a whole history of producing the highest quality operas that have attracted many fine artists. Committed to showcase the world’s best talent and other local performers, Arizona Opera has remained quite successful in all its endeavors. Tosca, a three act opera written by Puccini, was first produced by the company in the season of 1972-1973. This opera play is set in the boiling turmoil of Napoleonic Rome and tells the story of a hot-blooded diva pursued by a wicked police chief. The opera features the acclaimed soprano, Lisa Daltirus in the role of Floria Tosca whose fate is played against an emotionally and politically charged atmosphere. This later became Lisa’s signature role.
Tosca is a thoroughly composed opera work with powerful recitative, choruses and arias, all woven into a seamless whole. It is a hearth wrenching story of three people, love, lust and loss. Breathtaking as it is, Tosca is considered to be one of the most intense and bloodiest dramas of all time. Floria Tosca, the tempestuous diva and the raven-haired force of nature, is deeply in love with a political dissident, Mario. Facing off against Baron Scarpia, a treacherous and sadistic chief of Rome’s police, she gets into trouble she had never imagined. Scarpia tortures Mario as a part of his scheme in order to gain Tosca because nothing can stop him in his lust for her. Tosca who cannot bear to see Mario in torture is forced to choose between the two; Scarpia and Mario’s life.
Will she succumb to the corrupt chief’s wishes to set her lover free? Buy some cheap Arizona Opera Tosca tickets now to know the answer and much more about the fate of these three people by watching Tosca at Arizona Opera. With its opulent sets and insightful performance, Tosca will not disappoint you.

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