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Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer and musician. He is known for his impeccable voice, for being a tenor and a multi instrumentalist. He is considered by many as the classical voice of the modern world. Other than singing opera, classical and in the adult contemporary genre, Bocelli has experimented with Latin Pop as well. He has received massive fame and recognition in everything he does. Bocelli is also blind, and had to deal with his vision loss since the age of twelve. But his disability has not hindered him from becoming what he wanted to be—an international sensation. And it has been quite the career that he has had. As a recording artist he has sold over 75 million records. This makes him the best selling solo classical music performer to ever live. He has also ventured into the pop music front and has collaborated with a number of modern day singers and performers. This has also led to his image as pop culture idol, and his is one of the most recognizable faces in traditional music. He will be taking the stage once more later this month, so make sure you have Andrea Bocelli Brescia tickets

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Before Bocelli aspired to be a singer, he wanted to be a football player. He lived with his parents on the farm they owned in Tuscany. He had been receiving music lessons from the tender age of 6, and had a classic piano teacher who would come to his home every day. He also learned to play a number of other instruments which helped his understanding of melody and composition. He is an expert at the saxophone and the trombone. He also plays the drums, the harp and the guitar in addition to many others. It was during a practice for a football match that he received a blow to his head which in turn led to a brain hemorrhage. Initially, his eye sight weakened, but over time, it disappeared altogether. He was twelve years old at the time. But there were better things in his future, for soon enough, he started to sing publically in theatres in his areas, appeared in plays and operas. By 14 years of age, he had already become the singing champion of his state. Still, his parents insisted that he have a backup plan, so he went on to study law. He even spent a few years working as a professional lawyer.
Today, Bocelli holds many titles and accomplishments. When he finally made his mainstream debut as an international recording artist in 1998, his efforts and his talents were noticed right away. By 1999, he already had a Grammy Award nomination to his name. He had received the nod for the category of “Best New Artist” which was a huge feat for somebody from his genre; there had, after all, been only one other artist who had had this honor, and this was Leontyne Price, who had done it back in 1961. Other than that, he recorded a duet with Celine Dion. It was a song called “The Prayer”, and it ended up winning the Golden Globe Award in the year after its release. Having also been featured in the Hollywood film, “The Quest for Camelot”, it also got an Academy Award nomination for the “Best Original Song”. He often performs this song during his concerts, which is also a good reason to buy Andrea Bocelli Brescia tickets.
In the history of American popular music, there have only been 8 classical records that have managed to chart on Billboard. Out of those, 6 albums have been Andrea Bocelli’s. He also holds the record for having all three top positions on the classical charts to himself. Not only is he a popular recording artist, but his live concerts are also an enigma. They always attract hundreds of thousands of people and are often the best selling concerts of the year. The upcoming Andrea Bocelli Brecia show will be an example of this. At the Andrea Bocelli Berscia concert, people would be able to hear his voice which has reached an iconic status. He is versatile, and has the ability to adapt to a number of different genres.