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Make your way to the Cutler Majestic Theatre as its hosts an upcoming opera recreation of Almira. Those who are interested can become a part of the Almira show by purchasing cheap Almira tickets without any further delay. Almira is an opera that was written by the great George Frederick Handel in the year 1705. Handel is a renowned and respected Baroque composer who became famous for his anthems, oratorios, concertos and operas. Born in the year 1685, Handel went for professional musical training to Italy, Hamburg and Halle before he decided to settle in London and start pursuing his passion for classical music. Moving to London in 1712, Handel became known as a musical genius within a span of fifteen years. Gaining influences from famous composers and poets of the Italian Baroque and also the polyphonic German choral tradition, Handel is now one of the biggest and most talented composers there ever were.

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About Almira

Handel has produced countless operas, from 1705 till 1750, his very first being, Almira. Some of his most successful operas include Rodrigo, Florindo, Silla, Radamisto, Ottone, Tamerlano, Admeto, Poro, Ezio, Orlando, Arminio, Alceste, Imeneo, Serse and Ariodante. The very first performance of his debut opera took place in 1705, in the city of Hamburg. At that time, the opera was performed for a total of twenty times, before Handel composed his second opera named Nero. The story of the opera revolves around eight characters that include Almira, who is Castillia’s Queen, Edilia, the Princess, Consalvo, Queen Almira’s guardian, Osman, son of Consalvo, Raymondo, who is Mauretania’s King, Bellante, Aranda’s Princess, Fernando, an orphan and Tabarco, Fernando’s servant.
The Act One showcases a scene at the palace of Queen Almira, where she is being crowned the Queen, after the unexpected demise of her father. At that point, she is told that the last wish of her deceased father, was for Almira to wed a man from the Councilor’s house i.e. Osman, who is the son of Almira’s guardian. Almira is unhappy to hear this news as she has her heart set on Fernando, an orphan man. While, Osman loves Edilia, the princess, however, he still accepts this proposal as that would make him the King. Soon the Queen starts to take notice of the amount of attention, Osman is giving to Edilia, and jealousy takes over her. Act Two takes place at a ball that, Bellante, the Princess of Aranda has thrown. At the ball, Bellante develops a fascination for Osman who ignores her and forces Fernando to set up a meeting with the Queen Almira. However, upon seeing Almira expressing her love to Fernando, Osman challenges him into a duel. Almira intervenes and snatches away Osman’s dagger. In Act Three, King Raymonda tries to impress Princess Edilia but she already has her eyes set on Osman. While on the other hand Bellante is indifferent to Consalvo’s advances. Consalvo then locks Fernando up in the dungeons and sentences him to death, as he is afraid the Queen will turn down his son, Osman. What will happen to Fernando? Will Queen Almira ever express her true love for Fernando and save him? If you wish to know what happens in the end, all you need to do is make your way to the Almira opera show.

The performance will take place at the Cutler Majestic Theatre which is located in the Emerson College of Boston. This historical landmark was constructed back in 1903 and depicts the “Beaux Arts” architectural style. The theatre was designed by John Galen Howard and over the years has become the most popular venue in the state of Massachusetts. The theatre not only holds performing arts shows for the theatrical department of the Emerson College but also provides space for community shows. So what are you waiting for? Purchase Almira tickets to watch one of the classiest opera presentations in one of the most grandiose settings. 

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