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Composed by Giuseppe Verdi, Aida is a four act opera that was premiered at the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo in December 1871. Although the English subtitles help in understanding the story line better but the emotions of the characters are enough for the meaning to come through. The most touching moment is the betrayal scene that showcases the conflicting emotions and loyalties that Aida faces. Latonia Moore is truly a powerhouse because she steals the breath of the audience with her awe-inspiring performance.

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The directors and choreographers have created a very well-balanced production; if you have watched the theatrical before, you would know that the first two acts have a lot of colorful dances while the remaining two acts are at times ominous. Even if you do not watch opera productions regularly, you must watch the Aida Milano show because you would not return disappointed. Even if you have watched this production a hundred times before, you would want to watch it again because the performance is breathtaking. The head singers know their roles and their feelings are really attached to the play. You would be thoroughly pleased with the staging, costumes and of course the talent on stage, so grab your Aida Milano tickets before it is too late. This piece of entertainment does not come at a very high price because cheap Aida Milano tickets are up for grabs.