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 Aida Englewood tickets


Aida is an opera by Giuseppe Verdi which was staged for the first time back in 1871 in Cairo, Egypt. After the opera made its world premiere on December 24, 1871 at the Khedivial Opera House, it met with great critical success. After finding its way to success in Cairo, the opera then opened on February 8, 1872 at La Scala, Milan. During its premiere in Italy, the lead role of Aida was played by Teresa Stolz, for whom voice Verdi wrote the role of Aida.

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Just like its premiere at Cairo, Aida enjoyed much acclaim in Italy as well, soon after several productions of the opera kicked off at various opera houses throughout Italy. After coming to the American soil, Aida was highly appreciated by opera fans; which is why Aida has been performed extensively over the years. Due to this fact, Aida is ranked 16 on the list of most performed operas in the history of North America. Even after years since its premiere, Aida still continues to be a fan favorite, which is why this year the opera comes to your city of Englewood. So being an opera fan, if you’ve been missing on this one, our cheap Aida Englewood tickets give you a chance to catch it during this time of the year.