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Aida is a four act opera by the 19th century composer Giuseppe Verdi, who brought to life the libretto written by the prolific Italian poet, novelist and journalist, Antonio Ghislanzoni. Aida is categorized as Antonio’s most prominent work that is based on a situation frequently attributed to the French Archeologist, Auguste Mariette. The opus was produced for the first time in 1871 at the Royal Opera House in Cairo. Be sure to purchase your Aida Dallas tickets today. The spellbinding journey begins in an Ancient Egyptian setting as an incarcerated Ethiopian princess named “Aida” is wedged in a dilemma of choosing among fidelity towards her father and her love for the Egyptian commander.

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Their new found love must survive through the worst of implications and endure the malice schemes of the sternly covetous Egyptian Princess. At the end of it all, they must come to a decision whether love overcomes duty and honor or will it once again be overshadowed by the likes of cruel families. The 19th century work of art proves the premise that a pyramid might be the most supreme love triangle yet. With the successful choreographer Kenneth Von Heidecke and the artistic director Garnett Bruce abreast, the show is unquestionably a masterpiece. So get your hands on cheap Aida Dallas tickets as soon as possible.