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Make your way to the Ferguson Hall located at the Straz Center to become a part of one of the finest classical operas, A Masked Ball. Be sure to purchase cheap A Masked Ball tickets as soon as you can, in order to avail the great opportunity of obtaining these tickets at the best prices. The show is scheduled to take place at the great Ferguson Hall that is a variety hall situated in the city of Tampa. This hall can cater to approximately a thousand spectators and provides a comfortable environment with an exhilarating and a dramatic ambience that is created through intimate setting, dim lighting and curved balconies. The hall has a stage width around eighty feet that provides a versatile environment for concerts, plays, musicals and even seminars, corporate events and lectures. This time, the Ferguson Hall is becoming host to an opera presentation called A Masked Ball. Those interested should remember to get their hands on A Masked Ball tickets without any further delay if they do not want to miss out on the show.

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About A Masked Ball

Originally named “Un Ballo in Maschera,” the opera is a three-act show that was written by Giuseppe Verdi in 1792. The original text had to undergo various transformations due to regulations set by the various censorship authorities of Rome and Naples in order to confirm to the political situation of France in the eighteenth century. It was by the year 1857 that the final editions of the script were completed and approved by the censor board. The very first performance of the opera was held in the year 1861 in New York and the UK premiere took place the following year. It was in 1955 that the original script of the opera was taken on by theatres and original names and the real settings started being used.
The story of the opera is set in the eighteenth century Sweden. The opera starts when the main character of the story Gustav III makes his way to the throne room of his palace where a few of his courtiers and friends are plotting against him and waiting for him to arrive. Upon the king’s arrival, his courtier informs him about an upcoming masked ball. The king seems pleased as he will get a chance to be in the presence of his minister’s wife, Amelia, who he secretly adores. As the courtiers and his friends leave, the king’s page named Oscar stays behind to warn him that the others are planning to kill him; however, the king ignores Oscar’s warning.
At the same, time a magistrate enters the throne room to request the king to banish a local fortune teller named Ulrica. Gustavo III decides to meet this fortune teller in person, whilst disguised as a fisherman, before banishing her. He makes his way to her house where he sees Amelia entering. The King hears Amelia wanting to be freed from her marriage a she loves Gustav III. He hides as the fortune teller asks her to go look for a special herb. When Amelia leaves, he enters and asks her to read his palm. The fortune teller warns him that he will be killed by the next person who shakes his hand. At that point, Gustav III’s closest and most trusted friend Anckarstrom enters and grasps the king’s hand. The king decides to banish the fortune teller following the absurdity of her palm reading.
In the next act, Amelia is seen wearing a veil and looking for the herb the fortune teller asked her to bring. Gustav III approaches her and confesses his love for her. Unable to resist, Amelia does the same but they are interrupted by her husband Anckarstrom who doesn’t realize that the woman is his wife. He warns the king to leave as he fears assassins are on their way to murder him. The king leaves and Amelia secretly tries to leave from there but is discovered by Anckarstrom who filled with rage, decides to kill Amelia and the king. The next act takes place at the ball where assassins are trying to figure out where the king is. Will Anckarstrom kill the king and Amelia or will they escape? To figure out what will happen, you should buy A Masked Ball tickets immediately.

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