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Wayra Fuerza Bruta tickets is your gateway to witness the most massive and impressive show where performers slide and splash around charismatically in a shallow pool that is made of crystal and go down from above. The big bowl of water is above the audience and they can see performers swim in it like mermaids. It also includes several different stunts such as neck-craning that is done on a huge circular curtain, surrounding the crowd. Formed by Diqui James, the show is similar to the very famous "The Blue Man Group" and "Stomp" shows. However, in the above mentioned show, you just sit and watch but in "Fuerzabruta," you are encouraged to be semi-active and also participate. The show is designed in a way that it does not require its audience to sit. Instead standing is all that is necessary, even dancing and jumping are encouraged as well.  The central figure of the show is a mysterious man wearing white, who opens up the show. He represents a strong human being who stands opposite to the world’s destructive influences.  "Fuerzabruta", certainly does not seek to produce meaning but it boosts the senses using a string of mind-freak technical sophistication.

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About Wayra Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta started in Buenos Aires in 2005. This postmodern theatre show is an extremely energetic spectacle that allows interaction between the public and performers. In 2007, the show was played on Broadway, with an extended cast of sixteen people. It was recorded that over 500,000 people attended the show. After being greatly successful on Broadway, the show has toured extensively around the world performing in Miami, Berlin, Moscow and London among other countries and cities. With an amazing production and direction team that includes, Alejandro Garcia, Diqui james, Fabio Daquila, Agustina James, Gaby Kerpel, and Lincoln Juan Morallez, Fuerza Bruta is getting bigger and better day by day. Gaby Kerpel is also the musician in the program, lighting is arranged by Edi Pampn, Heman Nupieri takes care of the sound and costumes are designed by Andrea Mattio.
Diqui James, the creative director from Argentina is currently directing the show. He has been involved in theatre arts since the age of eighteen and has also attended acting classes for a couple of years. He created piece for a self-governing theatre group called, La Organizacion Negra in 1987. He has also performed in the plays such as Almas Exterminadas and La Tiroleza. He established Fuerza Bruta having a goal to make a company where experimentation and creativity are the first priority. Gaby Kerpel, the music composer and director of the show is also from Argentina. He has played keyboard in many pop and jazz-rock music groups. He became a part of La Organizacion Negra in 1985 and composed music for three of their shows, U.O.R.C (1986), La Tirolesa in 1988, and Almas Examinadas (1992). Later in 1993, he started working on other projects like dance and film endeavors. Tincho Garcia is the production supervisor and also from Argentina. He constantly brings the experience of Fuerza Bruta to a number of people on an international level. This great and skilled team is bringing along an amazing show in your town and you all should get your Fuerza Bruta tickets to experience the thrill. So, if you want to be delighted, befogged in acrid smoke all around you, and get wet in crowd, grab some cheap Wayra Fuerza Bruta tickets offered at our website. You can also take your children to the show as it is suitable for kids eight and above. Sign up for a family entertainment event that is all set to enchant and keep you at the edge of your seat.

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