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A beautiful amalgamation of sensory stimuli, techno music and extraordinary performances, is how the third installment of De La Guarda can be defined. Wayra is the brainchild of the environmental-kinesthetic Diqui James and Kerpel. Wayra follows the trend of the trilogy and manages to engage every member of the audience by stimulating their senses. The visual imagery is psychedelic in nature and the story itself thrives on an individual’s imagination. Following the success of its predecessors De La Guarda and Fuerza Bruta; Wayra has found widespread critical acclaim for its genuine theatrics and storyline.

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The show also features James brilliant nonverbal theatrics combined with Kerpel’s eclectic score. The score varies from drum ‘n’ bass to techno and ends in world music. The flying stunts, overhead clear pool swimming, the giant grid-covered balloon are some of the elements, along with the performers and live music orchestra, which hold the performance together.


Although the show has toured worldwide, winning numerous awards and nominations, it chooses a familiar theatre for its American premiere. Wayra: Fuerza Bruta will be staged at the same place where the first two De La Guarda shows found a home; the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York. Wayra premiered at the theatre in summer 2014 and the tickets to the show are now available. So enjoy an exhilarating experience by grabbing your Wayra Fuerza Bruta New York tickets now.