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Resonance Ensemble presents the Gassner Prize winning The Truth Quotient. This Off Broadway production is one of the most acclaimed shows by this production house. In the last season The Truth Quotient was produced by Resonance Ensemble in partnership with Connecting Circuits. This effort was as a part of Ensemble’s tenth anniversary celebration. This show was simply loved for its quality from the story to the cast, sets, costumes and music. The team did a great job on designing and creating such a show and has been applauded for their efforts.

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About The Truth Quotient

The Truth Quotient is a futuristic play written by Richard Manley; one of the most progressive playwrights Off-Broadway. The play looks into the future and sees how human life and emotions have changes with technology in everyday lives. With a life surrounded by robots, gadgets and smart facilities one can imagine to have a comfort and easy lifestyle. However, using this theme the writer tries to explain that love and emotions do not need these things. Every human needs companionship and love of their friends, family and special ones. Technology advances to a great extent in the future, good enough to even provide company. But is that something good enough? Grab The Truth Quotient tickets and know the truth.

The Truth Quotient connects the social problems of the present with the future. This connection uncovers the facts that although technology has made life easy, it has made relationships hard and difficult. In the world today technology has made connections and links very convenient and in the future things will improve phenomenally. Technology will take over everyone and everything. When relationships and their importance in life will fall, only then man will realize the price of technology. Technology will invade personal space while giving privacy; it will connect with the world while making most people recluses. In the race to win and go forward in life man will slowly realize the importance of humans and relationships, society and living with other.

Jarel Davidow is David the main character of this story. As a part of the future, he is the driving force behind many things. In the future he thrives as a tech savvy entrepreneur who in a matter of years has earned a lifestyle, money, fame and everything he dreamt of. With all the luxuries that technology bought him, he eventually becomes lonely. The only gap in his life widens when he feels loneliness, loving someone and being loved by someone. This is a challenge that most people in the future face and is serviced by Nureal. Nureal is a robot vendor who makes human lookalikes that give companionship. David desires such a companion and gets hold of one from Nureal. As things progress the plot becomes very interesting. It will keep you engaged till the very end. To be a part of this exciting play get hold of The Truth Quotient tickets.

The lead cast of this play has Jarel Davidow and Angelina Fiordellisi on board. Both these actos are established actors who have proved their mantle in films, television as well as theater. Davidow’s profile boasts of roles in mainstream television and films like Taking a Chance on America, Of Mice and Men, New Detroit, Fillmore Lights to name a few. Fiordellisi is an acclaimed star from Thunder Alley the TV Series who started theater with this play. He has delivered her role with Davidow as David. Both Davidow and Fiordellisi have collaborated with the supporting cast really well. Maxwell Zener, Meridith Howard, Shaun Wilson and Mark Peters are the supporting actors who have made The Truth Quotient a worthwhile watch.
The Truth Quotient tickets sold out like hot cakes in the last season. This time it returns to be bigger and better than before. Its reviews are already making news in theater circuits all over the US. Public and critics have loved it and the play has made it to events like Ashland New Play Festival, STAGE International Script Competition, Dayton Playhouse FutureFest, Reverie Productions' Next Generation Playwriting Contests, Woodward/Newman Awards, Orlando Shakespeare Festival. It won prizes and awards for its compelling story and quality production.
The Truth Quotient is a play that is loaded with entertainment in every bit. It is intriguing, provocative and fully engaging. With cheap The Truth Quotient tickets you can find great discounts, deals and special bargains of this season. Grab you’re the Truth Quotient tickets today. Enjoy this future drama with your friends and loved ones all the way.

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