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The Common Pursuit 2012 tickets bring an astounding piece of work by celebrated play writer Simon Gray. Gray is known for his sharp satire and mockery however, The Common Pursuit proves a rather subtler piece. It narrates the story of an idealistic youth and paints colors of life in a very interesting manner. Vividly bringing forth the tussle between one’s visions and aims and lifelong purists, The Common Pursuits tags life as a struggle for everyone. Its comical wrapping of energy driven ambition leading to compromise is truly striking. This play redefines compromise as a banal final resort that eventually saves everyone and everything around it; except the one making it keeps downing.

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About The Common Pursuit

The story is a comical narrative of six characters who start life afresh at the Cambridge University. They  meet with the unexpected routine life they never thought would await them. As undergraduate students are not only talented but driven to make a difference to the world with their dreams and passion. They anticipated the world as a profound experience within it would self that would mould them for good. However, they come to face the real picture with its tangy colors hiding bitter surprises. They find themselves facing a forceful mending they could hardly imagine in the good old days. But reality actually bites when The Common Pursuit sings the bittersweet symphony and one has to hum along.
The Common Pursuit unwinds the chronicles of a part of the life of each character; twenty years their lives through the university as friends to strong independent individuals. Each character has his/ her bag of surprises to open and unveil their version of the real world and how it varied from their expectation. Even though the underlying theme of this play may suffer from lackluster and seem bleak, however Moisés Kaufman’s direction has treated the play really well. He has skillfully mastered disguised the seriousness by balancing it with the inherent and delivered humor. With the help of the idealistic persona of male lead character Stuart Thorne, the play streamlines events of his college days with his present life standing. His idea to start off a literary effort as a publication with the help of like minded literature fans materializes as a dedication to their mutual mentor. This effort culminates to a bonding and friendship that keep the magazine team together through college days. The bonding brings them back to share their individual experiences after college and how they clashed with their spark and ambition in the golden period of their life.
Stuart steers the magazine and its committee with the help of Marigold’s administrative skills and literary experience. The play rides time and lands twenty years ahead to meet Stuart and friends entrapped in a never ending marathon to reach success. Fixated on reaching goals that no longer comply with their pure ambitious intensions all characters prove to be porous and hollow inside out. Their fall from morality, drift from ethics and values mocks their very existence as the high minded literates of the society. Yet the beauty of The Common Pursuit remains its wonderful wit that lets one empathize for the damage done by the devil inside.
The Common Pursuit is a remarkable theatrical production that binds together great acting talent, enlivening the stage with delightful wit and comical expression. Everything from the cast to the crew has executed the play impeccably and has resonated poignant expression. It has verbalized the insight of the youth’s heart, saying out aloud ‘what is expected of life and what it entails’. Moisés Kaufman’s work is truly remarkable as The Common Pursuit begins and ends as a firsthand experience. The playwright, storyline and the showcase of the director’s artistry has made The Common Pursuit a journey that everyone has either made or will make. From the realization of one’s being, individuality and self The Common Pursuit is a light hearted reflection of the shortcomings experienced by everyone once they enter adulthood and begin making decisions in the shadow of compromises. Coming to theaters this summer The Common Pursuit will showcase an exciting and frivolous act scoffing of expectations they way they should be. 
The Common Pursuit tickets are a gate pass to great entertainment this summer. Cheap The Common Pursuit tickets are also available and can be checked for availability in the seating plan. The Common Pursuit tickets promise a theatrical experience the spells sheer fun and exuberance for everyone. The Common Pursuit tickets will most definitely entertain as the best theatre offering. Purchase The Common Pursuit tickets to join the show. 

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