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Braving cultural changes, transition in styles and breakthrough developments, Theater has grounded itself quite proficiently in all eras. Evolving from small scale it now features multi-million productions. Designed mainly for the purpose of entertainment, theater or performing arts is also lauded for the societal messages it delivers and the general betterment that it promotes. Theater history boasts of many astounding plays, some based on the classics of award-winning writers, some are adaptations of hit movies, while some are brand new scripts written specifically for stage. One such new concept penned by Brooklyn based playwright Erika Sheffer will soon hit the Off-Broadway theater. Produced by The New Group, Russian Transport is a unique story that will capture the complexities and adventures of an immigrant family. Scheduled for a 2012 premiere, Russian Transport tickets are available now. If you are looking for something that is atypical then book your deals right away.

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The New Group is the result of artistic director, Scott Elliot’s desire to form a company that promotes out of the ordinary concepts. Starting its operations in 1995, the company thrives on creativity and has a commitment to bring on stage powerful stories. Living in the “now”, Elliot laid the foundation of the company with an aim to give young and aspiring artists a chance. He wanted to develop contemporary theater that focused on the present culture. Defying the norms of commercial theater, The New Group takes pride in its motto of supporting risks, encouraging experimentation and learning without pressures. Keeping this in mind Scott Elliot signed on the production of Russian Transport, a family drama promising suspense, excitement and completely stimulating, adventurous experience.
Erika Sheffer is not new to the theater world; however this is the first time that a play penned by her is reaching the stage of Off-Broadway. Her credentials include a play “The Drowning Side” along with some short-stories titled “Engaging Dynamic Guest Experience”, “Something in Your Stomach” and “Likes to Scratch”. Her work has also been read on various platforms and she’s been lauded at forums and festivals. Scott Elliot will be holding the director’s reins as Sheffer’s story will hit Acorn Theater in New York. Cheap Russian Transport tickets can be purchased now, an offer that won’t remain valid for too long.
Russian Transport is an intriguing and thrilling story of a Russian family that resides in Brooklyn. Focusing on an immigrant couple, Diana and Misha, Sheffer highlights the issues faced by them as they struggle to run a car service. The couple work hard to carve out the dreams of their teenagers, Mira and Alex and to provide them an ideal “American Family” setting. The four family members are faring well until the story sees a twist with the entry of Diana’s brother Boris, who is a mysterious and sexy character. While the teenagers welcome the uncle in their house, the adults find it a disruption as Boris’s shot at living the American dream brings nothing but upheaval for them. Later in the show family loyalties are tested as Boris’s influence puts Alex in a dangerous position. A perfect blend of humor, sincerity and intrigue, Russian Transport is a complete entertainment package for all. For the convenience of the audience and with a hope to see a large crowd, cheap Russian Transport tickets have been made available.
Acorn Theater is considered to be one of the most state-of-the-art arenas in New York and is a part of the ‘Theater Row’ in Times Square. With a large seating capacity, it boasts of stellar amenities and ambiance. To mark your attendance for a great show amidst a wonderful setting, get your Russian Transport tickets as soon as possible!

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