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If want to make your evening as special as ever, then be prepared to head towards the theaters as Perfect Crime will be the perfect entertainment dose for you. An Off-Broadway production, this drama  is a fictional story originally written by Waren Manzi with undertones of mystery, comedy and romance. The theatre-goers have surely fallen in love with this play and you will be the next one to love it. You will enjoy the suspense as the story begins to unfold and answer your queries. So if you want to get to the end of the tunnel and be a part of unveiling a mystery, then reserve your Perfect Crime tickets as soon as you can.

About Perfect Crime

One of the longest-running plays in the history of New York, the play revolves around a story of an accomplished psychiatrist and potential killer Margaret Brent, her rich husband, a detective who is falling in love with her and a disturbed patient.  The play has got all kinds of flavours that any brilliant suspense based drama should have. The play has surely made the theatre-goers fall in love with it as the performance given by all the actors is quite scintillating. The lead characters are played by Catherine Russel, John Hillner, Richard Shoberg, George Mc Daniel and Patrick Robustelli.  All these actors have given some commendable performances in the past and this one will be a great one too.
According to Daily News, “Perfect Crime is the story of a brainy, beautiful and ambitious psychiatrist who holds the key to the murder of at least one victim in a series of murders.” Although being set very simply, the popularity of this drama lies in its story and the way the various events are unleashed to the audience. Due to its long running history, the play has been termed as “an urban legend” by the New York Times critic Jason Zinoman. The play has been frequently associated with its leading lady Catherine Russel who has been performing the role of Margaret Brent for the past 18 years.
Perfect Crime opens to its first act by introducing all its characters and building up a mysterious story. The play begins by showing a stormy night with huge sounds of thunder and the murder of Margaret’s millionaire husband.  The first act keeps a lot of mystery alive and there are lots of areas where the mystery does not seem to unfold. However, when the second act begins, the mystery begins to unwind and Catherine Russell delivers a clever and tough performance as the main character. The whole story is about a series of twists and turns which makes it into a great suspense story.
If you are a fan of Law & Order and Forensic Files then you must go and watch Perfect Crime in theatres as it really has got something hidden for you. While watching the play, you will question the motives of the characters and the reason behind their behavior. The investigations carried out by the detective, finding the clues and tracking them down, mysterious tones and startling truths are the real entertaining bits to any crime based show. This time you will witness these sizzling moments in a live theatrical performance. In this play, the surprising moves and building tension will keep you guessing until the very end.
So be ready for those chills run down your spine and wait till your heart skips a beat with every scene, Perfect Crime is coming to give you the perfect theatrical experience. With Catherine Russell’s  powerhouse performance, the play will give you intriguing moments to remember forever. Good humour also gives the play a light touch. So for an ultimate experience of watching mystery theatre this time, book your cheap Perfect Crime tickets now.