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Bored of watching too much television? Then a live performance at a theater is the best entertainment for you. “Nikolai and the Others” is a spectacular play that is coming to New York to alleviate your boredom. The tickets for the play are available at affordable prices so hurry to buy your Nikolai and the Others tickets before they run out!

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About Nikolai and the Others

Nikolai and the Others is written by the famous playwright Richard Nelson. Nelson is celebrated for the work he has done in the field of writing. He was born in Chicago in 1950. His mother was a professional dancer while his father was an accountant, who sometimes worked as a salesperson. During his childhood, Nelson’s family moved around a lot due to the nature of his father’s job. Frequent moves to different places gave Richard Nelson the exposure to different people and societies. The experiences he gained from living in different places are reflected in the depth of his writing.
Richard Nelson’s more notable works include “James Joyce’s The Dead”, “Hyde Park on Hudson” and the Broadway version of “Chess”. The author has won the Tony Award for his work on James Joyce’s The Dead and has won many other awards during his career. These include the Rockefeller Playwright-in-Residence Award, Obie Award, Giles Cooper Award and several others. His new play Nikolai and the Others is now in theaters and is garnering much deserved appreciation.
The play is a detailed and an intense drama that is set in the year 1948. It portrays the period during which the Cold War between the two super powers United States of America and the Soviet Union was taking place. The play shows that CIA agents are getting involved in people’s lives, whether they are public or private. The CIA’s agenda seems confusing and no one seems happy about their intrusion.
The play shows that Igor Stravinsky, George Balanchine and Maria Tallchief and other well known Russian emigrants spend an evening together. Lavish food is served, which the patrons enjoy while discussing art and exposing hitherto gravely protected secrets. The setting of the scene is in a farmhouse in Connecticut where a birthday is being celebrated.
Act one of the play shows that the women of the company are setting up the tables for food. People in the gathering are happy to have so many Russians around. The act displays happiness, comfort and celebration. The scene setting and the mood of the play does a complete 180 degree turn in Act two. The stage shows some characters slipping in the study to have a private conversation with Nikolai. The act hints at conspiracy, secrets and uncertainty. All this happens in the study while celebrations continue outside the room.
Nikolai and the Others is a beautiful composition of passionate dialogues, mysterious characters and complex relationships. As the play progresses the true artistry of the author and the characters is evident. Nelson’s messages in the play are often indirect but easy to detect. More importantly, once the message is delivered to the audience it makes an intense impact, which is one of the major reasons for Nelson’s success as a playwright. Those who truly enjoy a deep story and well written dialogues then the play Nikolai and the Others is a must watch for them. They should get their hands on cheap Nikolai and the Others tickets before they get al sold out.
The play is going to be held in Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City. The city is known for its love of all things art and drama. It is the perfect place to hold an intriguing and mysterious play as Nikolai and the Others. Hurry to buy your Nikolai and the Others tickets.

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