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‘Mexican Hayride’ is a famous musical. It was first produced by Michael Todd and tryouts started at the Shubert Theatre in Boston in 1943. It opened on Broadway in 1944 at The Winter Garden Theatre but was later shifted to the Majestic Theatre in 1944. The play finally closed in 1945 after running a successful 481 shows. A remake of this musical is soon to be performed for which Mexican Hayride New York tickets are available online.

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Hassard Short was the stage production in-charge and lighting designer of the first show. The choreography was done by Paul Haakon, set design by George Jenkins while costume design by Mary Grant.  The opening dance was directed by Dan Eckley. The songs “Girls” and “Abracadabra” were directed by Lew Kesler while “Good-Will Movement” by both Dan Eckley and Virginia Johnson. The first cast comprised of June Havoc (Montana), Bobby Clark (Joe Bascom), Wilbur Evans (David Winthrop), George Givot (Lombo Campos) and Paul Haakon (Paul).
The upcoming version of the musical is already creating waves amongst the fans. The play is a story of Montana (played by June Havoc), a female bull rider. After a successful ride with the bull, she challenges David, the American charge d’affaires, to take up the same task. But after spotting the convict Joe she transfers the challenge onto him.  She throws the ear to him and since he catches it he becomes the hero of the show. Joe then forms the national lottery with a speculator but Mexican authorities soon track them down and they are forced to flee. After various attempts they are finally caught. Get the cheap Mexican Hayride New York tickets and enjoy watching the musical with friends and family.