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Nothing can beat the excitement experienced while watching live theater. This time it is the epic Look Back in Anger that is coming to your city. Don’t contemplate; just buy your Look Back in Anger tickets today before you miss a golden opportunity to watch the great, realistic drama unfold on the stage. The play is fantastically written and fabulously performed; it will be definitely a treat to see the play with your loved ones.

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About Look Back In Anger

The brainchild of playwright John Osborne, the play premiered in 1956 at the Royal Court Theatre, London. There were mixed responses to the play as it brought some harsh realities to life. Dissatisfaction in married life, class differences and other socio-political problems were clearly exposed in the play. It is said that John Osborne based the play on his own circumstances in life. Over the years, the play was rejuvenated by different directors. However, this latest enactment seems to be one of the best. The story has been treated beautifully with the perfect cast selected to perform the delicate roles of the play.

Sam Gold directs this version of the pivotal play and takes care not to lose the essence of the brilliantly written story about disaffection and extra-marital affairs. The story of the four friends and their relationships is awe-inspiringly displayed by the star performers. The role of Jimmy Porter as the dangerously exciting husband with the impassive, rich wife is played by Mathew Rhys, the versatile actor known for his significant part on ABC’s well-loved drama “Brothers and Sisters. His wife, Alison, is played by Sarah Goldberg who has been a part of several plays and films. The two actors with a strong supporting cast enthrall the audience with their fine display of unfiltered emotions. The acting is so realistic that you actually feel the aggressive currents flowing between the husband and wife as they grow disillusioned with each other. Cliff is their roommate who thrives on Jimmy’s passion. Helena plays Alison’s friend who brings all the anger and the frustration to light when she exposes the shortcomings in their relationships. It is no surprise that Look Back in Anger is a blast as all the members of the play have done their best in it.

Experience Look Back in Anger to truly understand what a fantastic play it is. Get your Look Back in Anger tickets today and have a thrilling time with your loved ones seeing the live performance while sitting in a plush theater. The director has shown his creative genius and treated the delicate story expertly. If you have never seen live theatre, then now is the time to experience it. Look Back in Anger is a beautifully written play with an unadulterated display of raw emotions and feelings. Your heart will surely beat faster while seeing the powerful performances of the great actors. You will laugh and cry and experience a gamut of emotions. Live theater rejuvenates the soul so do attend this exciting new play and have an unforgettable evening.
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