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It’s Only a Play, is the name of a play based on a play! The play has been directed by Jack O’Brien and penned down by Terrence McNally. McNally is an experienced writer who has a career spanning over  five decades. Some of his entertaining plays have been so well received that they have been translated into movies. Although McNally’s earlier career saw him struggle as a writer, he has numerous awards to his name now. He has won four Tony Awards and four Drama Desk Awards, which include awards for the best play and best book of a musical. He has also been a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

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About Its Only A Play


Terrence McNally first wrote this play to be staged in the late 70s. For the current edition of the play, McNally made some changes to the script to make it more up to date. It’s Only a Play made its Broadway debut in October 2014 and received many positive reviews, which allowed it to extend its limited time engagement on Broadway. Get It's Only a Play tickets and watch the humorous play at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.


The play is set around the opening night of Peter Austin’s new play “The Golden Egg”. The stakes are high for Austin since his career is on the line. He has invited his best friend, producer, director and leading lady for the opening night. There are two other characters in the story, one is a coat check attendant who has dreams of acting in Broadway and the other is the dreaded critic whose review is anxiously being awaited.


Its Only a Play features a star studded line up. The list of celebrity actors in the play have glittering resumes, speckled with Tony Awards and Emmy Awards. The first and foremost mention goes to the duo, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. The duo pair again in this play, who previously appeared in the play titled “The Producers” which won a record breaking twelve Tony Awards. Both these actors not only have a vast experience of acting on the stage, but also a lot of experience acting behind cameras in movies and television series. In the story, Broderick plays the role of the panicked playwright whose play is being staged, while Lane is his supposed best friend.


The other cast members include Stockard Channing, who acts out the role of a doped up diva named Virginia Noyes. Even though she is a drug addict and has issues with cops, Noyes is looking to turn her career around and make a comeback. Channing is also an extremely talented actor who has three Emmy Awards to her name along with a Tony Award. Rupert Grint, who has acted in a box office super hit franchise (Harry Potter), also stars in the play. He plays the role of a genius, albeit slightly eccentric director.


The play is peppered with references to famous personalities and other celebrities. Some comical references are made to people in the showbiz industry such as Lady Gaga, Denzel Washington, Shia LaBeouf, and Steven Spielberg. Yet the references are not limited to any particular field since they even include his holiness, Pope Francis and Bill Gates. It seems as if mentioning these affluent celebrities are alternatives to punch lines in this play, since they are greeted with loud roars of laughter almost every time.


McNally wrote the play in the early part of his career to voice out his frustrations associated with pursuing a career in theatre. The play is a manifestation of his love hate relationship with theatre, which at times is very harsh. Now with several awards to his name, McNally’s complaints may be a tad out of order, but still provide an excellent excuse for entertainment. Get Its Only a Play tickets and watch the nerve wrecking ordeal that the playwright and stakeholders go through on the opening night of their big play.


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